SteveI Saying Budget Has Passed 3-7-13

Greeting PD Members,

We are pleased to announce that the vote on the Iraqi 2013 budget has passed in parliament. Now that this hurdle is done, the next step is to activate the new Iraq currency rate. This will and should move along quite quickly as many country projects are depending on this 2013 budget to be opened.

I believe you will not hear a lot about the process but rather start looking for the new rate to be officially posted on the Official Central Bank of Iraq website. As a courtesy, we send one last email when it has been established, and a list of banks that will work with you.

I would imagine that the United States banks and currency dealers will follow very quickly by allowing you to proceed and begin the exchange process for your Iraqi currency to the United States currency.

I am very happy that this is about over and all of you can start your new lives in the near future.

Yes we will keep the Peoples Dinar Forum open for a little while, however it will be officially turned into People Devoted to People, for those that wish to continue God’s work. God Bless each and every one of you.

Blessings, Steve & Ray And all of the wonderful Mods here at Peoples Dinar!

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