SteveI Says Iraq Is A Buzz 3-27-13

Greetings fellow Peoples Dinar Members,

As promised, Ray and I reached out to every contact we know and we are finding that any sort if information is extremely difficult if not impossible this week to get.

But we were able to get several pieces of information that we can share.

As I mentioned in my other replies, yes, the United States Treasury is still in Iraq. Why are they there you ask? It is not to get a nice paid vacation and sun tan.

Parliament is still meeting to pass laws. I am looking for one that is the clincher.

Now, here is something I find very significant, presently there are people from around the world at the CBI and more arriving continually. No one has actually come out and said the purpose of why they are there, but I guess one can speculate as to why. I will not say it, but I will sure think it.

It is very hard to contain any level of normal excitement because so many disappointments in the past have not resulted in what we are truly looking for regarding the improvement of the Iraqi citizens.

I truly feel we are at the end and it is actually over. I am waiting for the official posting of the budget of 2013 to be make into law by the entry into the Gazette. Everything else will follow accordingly. Many claim a rate is not in the budget, many claim it is, so the entire world will know what really is going on in a very short amount of time.

It does not matter of you like us, hate us, trash us or bash us, but please remember we all have one thing in common and that is we invested in this country and their futures. I hope each and every one of you find happiness in the next chapter of your lives wherever they may take you.

Regardless of the outcome and who is right or who is wrong, I hope everyone is thankful for the positive gains that you have achieved. Those gains could be financially and they could be friendships, never the less, we are all winners here.

Taking the time and energy to bash anyone or anything just really does not accomplish a heck of a lot.

As I mentioned in another reply, there are three things that come to my mind and hopefully yours if not already, and that is this;

Stand Up and find your purpose!

Take Flight and become a leader!

Step Forward and serve others!

If we hear more, we will share more. It is very possible that this will be over before any more news surfaces. Happy Easter to all. Blessings,Steve

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