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SteveI: This is an extremely positive article. This means the budget has to be posted in the official Gazette opened and change value prior to disbursing the monies. April is only a few days away so I also see this as very good news. Finally the citizens will get taken care of for a change.

Blessings, Steve

Economist: delayed disbursement of public budget will affect negatively on the five-year economic plan

Date: Monday, 25-03-13 07: 20 pm Baghdad-newsletter

Chief Economist Salem Daini, the delayed payment of the financial allocations of the general budget would negatively affect the implementation of the plan five-year economic declared by the Ministry of Planning, as well as on the implementation of investment projects in the country.

Said Daini The delayed payment of the public budget allocations to the provinces and ministries will affect economic activity in the country hand reluctance to implement many of the service projects and investment.

added: that the first quarter of the current year has ended, and each ministry and province has a plan annual investment starts with the beginning of the year, delayed disbursement of funds mean delay implementation of investment plans.

pointed to: that five-year plan for economic development set by the Ministry of planning will be affected are the other over unpaid money for the projects included in the plan and that implementation will begin this year until the year (2017).

has revealed parliamentary Finance Committee for appointment exchange public budget allocations at the beginning of next April., the Ministry of planning announced since the beginning this year on the implementation of the five-year plan for economic development of the (2013) up to (2017).

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