SteveI Update 1-30-13

SteveI: Greetings again members.

As we near the end of January 2013, many things were in the works to have made this happen. Many things did, but not enough of them to release the new currency and the new rate.

I know many read other forums and recaps and need to clarify a few rumors that are floating out there.

I will not mention any names as this is not to discredit the so called “Guru”, but rather put the rumor to bed.

This one tops them all: “[When Parliament passes the budget for 2013, do you think that there may be a way to tell from the budget if they are planning to r/v soon , such as the size of the budget or places where they have allocated more funds?] No, not a chance. The budget will absolutely not tell us anything about the RV – that will be a completely separate budget based on a completely different rate. ” <-- So now there is two budgets? What planet are you on pal? I say, not a chance in hell! All of this cashing out "latest update at 6:00 am this mornin...should show publicly sometime today or tonight at the latest" is just plain nonsense. Please do not buy into this one as there is not one bit of truth to this. I do not what your hopes crushed again. Another one is "based on what “we” know; the budget may come out next Tuesday without a rate showing whatsoever. they will likely mask us all the way out to Feb. 23rd. Why? The reason being is due to the need of laws and Ch. 7 not being released" This one is not even close, but they did get one thing right, they will be voting on the budget. Again, please do not buy into this one either. So here are a few facts that is known; The Iraqi Budget of 2013 will be voted on Tuesday, February 5, 2013. The United Stated Treasury is still in Iraq working with the Ministry of Finance. The Iraqi Budget of 2012 and official accounts were closed December 31, 2012, so in order to draw funds from the 2013 budget it needs to be approved. Iraq needs money now, not months from now. Banking laws are in place and ready to go. The list goes on but the fact that it is not done is very clear, no budget means no money, period! Until this happens we can just all sit back and let the powers to be complete their mission. I refuse to go into the rate again and for a date, January 2013 was a pretty darn good time based on the activities of the Iraqi Government and the commitments they set for themselves. Why the budget has not been passed is fairly simple, a few blocs just could not agree. Now that they finally all agree, and very positive things will move forward quickly. The basic point of this post is to share with you the positive news and not dwell on the negative. As you can see "guru's" are flying out of the woodwork and posting the most ridicules things ever to stake their claim to fame, but in reality, they will be eating their very own words when this is over. Let's get one thing clear, Ray and I are not the so called "Guru's" but rather individuals that try very hard and spend many hours verifying what is being told to us from our contacts, as the others create information to keep their followers happy at all costs. We do not go around predicting this every weekend, but rather provide information for you to understand this very complex process of our investments and let you make your own decisions and assumptions. This investment has taken a major toll on many good people that are using this as a life saver rather than a life changer which makes the stress even worse. I hope for the sake of the Iraqi citizens who deserve this more than any one of us combined, gets to see it happen in the very near future. It is their turn to be proud of this emerging economic giant. I have no intention of posting any further updates until later mid next week. We now know the process and the chain of events that will make this happen, so sit back and let it happen. I am extremely excited and confident in what we are sharing and what is about to happen. Take this post as rumor or great information, I really do not care one way or the other. This currency is going to revalue with or without you and you will not have to wait for months or many weeks for it to do so. You may take this post and do whatever you want with it and post it wherever you want as it makes no difference to me. If you have zero information or contacts and you cannot prove or disprove anything, why you go to the extreme efforts to bash us is beyond me, except to get even because you were banned from this site and it is your pathetic way of getting even and holding a grudge. When this is all over and you have your money, you will probably look back and wish you would have not wasted your time on such childish behavior and wished you would have spent more time contributing and being a productive member to the site you belong to. You all have a safe Super Bowl Weekend. Enjoy family and friends and get your mind off of this investment for awhile. It will still be here when you return to it. It could very well be the last weekend as you know it. Things will change very quickly after the budget gets final approval. Please do not ask and further questions as we have shared and provided you all with some insight to what is really going on. So until then, keep your hopes high and your spirits even higher. We are all in this together and we will all finish this together. Next week I will be posting the results of several entities that will help you exchange your Iraqi Dinars to United States Dollars. So, have a great and safe week and even safer weekend. God Bless each and every one of you. Steve

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