SteveI Update 2-5-13

Ernest T, on 05 Feb 2013 – 16:20, said: I have a question. No motive or malice behind it.

If Chapter 7 was lifted would they still be transferring funds to the DFI? It appears that is what the article is saying.

There’s no doubt the EU has lifted sanctions, but has the UN lifted Chp 7?

I most humbly and respectfully await a response with all my bricks neatly stacked in my bag.

I didn’t heave it! I passed it! **

SteveI: It was a very complex answer and I will go back and see if I can find it. That will help answer all the questions and he provided facts for me. I am a bit busy at work but will do what I can for you later. If you recall, the UN transferred control back to Iraq. Blessings, Steve

SteveI: Here is another thing to think about. If in fact Chapter VII has not been lifted, Iraq would not be able to revalue their currency and pursue entry into the WTO in which by the way they are currently doing.

There are many things you absolutely will not hear about until after the fact and when the timing is appropriate. There is no doubt in my mind that the United Nations is monitoring Iraq very closely and would never let them take the next step if it was not appropriate.

Another thing, Iraq is a nation with massive wealth and you can rest assured that things will be done under the laws and constitution of the country.

There are no “do overs” in this process. You either get it right the first time, or it will not get done at all.

Everyone keeps asking about the timing after the budget gets approved. This I am not certain of. I know the process just not the timing between the parties involved.

With it being now into February with not working budget to move the country forward, I can safely assume the parties to be will not drag their feet, but rather just the opposite.
Blessings, Steve

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