SteveI Update 3-1-13

I truly believe this time we will see it being passed. God help the GOI if it is not.

I am still waiting on a call to see how the meeting went between Maliki and the Kurds over the defense budget. That as the true sticking point, not the oil.

See article(s) below. Please trust us as we know exactly what is going on in Iraq regarding the process. I hope to bring you some wonderful news in the coming days, hopefully starting with the budget vote passing, and I think things will move so fast that I may have just enough time for the rate notification.

MORE ADDED: 9:13 AM Friday 3-1-13

One of the most powerful article was “Ahmed Faizullah: the need to draw on the expertise of international banks to support the banking sector”.

International means only one thing, the CBI is ready to revalue their currency to move this country forward. This is huge folks.

Why would any international bank want to deal with Iraq with a currency valued at .00086 to the dollar unless it becomes more valuable and there are business opportunities in it for the banks. Ahmed Faizullah: the need to draw on the expertise of international banks to support the banking sector

Deputy Chairman of the Finance Committee of the Kurdistan blocs Coalition MP Ahmad Faizullah, the Central Bank talks with international banks to operate in Iraq as it would facilitate the process of foreign currency transfers and develop the banking sector.

He said Faizullah (News Agency): global banks have sophisticated banking experience upon entering the Iraqi banking sector will support the environment through the use of technological expertise, in addition to those banks also benefit from Iraq which have mutual interests.

Blessings, Steve

Maliki’s coalition threatens not to vote on the budget in the event of reduction of the share of the Ministry of Defence

Threatened a coalition of state law, led by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, on Thursday, not to vote on the budget bill for 2013 in the event was reduced share of the Ministry of Defense in the budget, and described calls for reducing its stake to “It’s shameful,” while counting the move “something is logical “in lost tremendous support provided by regional states to armed groups in Iraq.

The leader of the Coalition Hassan Sinead, said in a newspaper interview that “the coalition will not vote on the state budget for 2013 in the event was reduced allocations of the Ministry of Defense in the budget”, he underlined that “the coalition will not be allowed to reduce the budget of the Ministry of Defence under any pretext.”

Description Sinead, chairman of the Commission on Security and Defense parliamentary Some went to cut the defense budget to “It’s a shame,” returned this step something illogical in lost tremendous support provided regional states to armed groups in Iraq. ”

He was a member of the Finance Committee Najiba Najib said in an interview that the Iraqi List demanded redeploy amount two billion Iraqi dinars from the budget of the Department of Defense to balance the development of regions, while calling the Kurdistan Alliance to pay dues of oil companies, “pointing out that” the debate is still going on about these two points and that the Committee proposed a solution to the financial point of contention concerning the Kurdistan Alliance to give these receivables from financial exuberance “.

The lifting of the House of Representatives 21 th day of February 2013, the 12th session of Parliament scheduled to vote on the budget on Saturday, due to lack of quorum, for the third time in ten days.

The postponement of the parliamentary session of the 12 allocated to the vote on the budget bill financial for the current year 2013, the third within ten days, as determined by the head of the Iraqi parliament Osama al-Nujaifi, in the 11 of February 2013, suspended until agreement on a budget bill, while decided, first Tuesday, ( February 19, 2013), postponed to Thursday, for lack of a quorum because of continuing differences on the budget.

The State of Law coalition announced, first Tuesday, (February 19 2013), an agreement alliances national and Kurdistan to pass the draft budget without reducing the share of Kurdistan annual ones, which amounts to 17%, and added that the two sides also agreed to hold a census in Iraq during the year current exact percentage of the population of the region of the population of Iraq and dealing on this basis and retroactively, and the financing of the Peshmerga same previous version which includes granting advances to Peshmerga agreement between President Nuri al-Maliki and the region, Massoud Barzani, “stressing that the parties also agreed that” the payment of dues to oil companies operating in the region with the same mechanism that pays dues to companies operating in the south.

The parliament failed in its the 11 of the second legislative term of the year legislative third session, on the seventh of February 2013, in the vote on the bill this year’s budget, to make Parliament Speaker Osama Najafi open meeting, after the failure of heads of parliamentary blocs to reach a final agreement on a formula the law.

And declared the Iraqi List, on the fourth of February 2013, they will refuse to vote on the current year budget being allocated amounts “fairy” to the prime minister, their two million and a half million dollars, while Re coalition of state law, the sixth of February 2013, describing the objection of the Iraqi List on budget Council of Ministers for the current year “Speech Baelchenhna is not ethical,” among that “there are a large number of circuits associated with the Cabinet, accusing Iraq of being” want to ignite resentment among the Iraqi people. ”

The Council of Ministers approved, on the fifth of November 2012, the budget year 2013 worth 138 trillion Iraqi dinars, while parliament announced, in the 26 December 2012, re-draft budget to the government to make amendments to it.

The estimated value of Iraq’s budget for 2013 b 138 trillion Iraqi dinars calculated based on the price of oil at $ 90 per barrel, and an export rate of two million and 900 thousand barrels per day. <-- The price per barrel has been increased to $93 and maybe $96 for the new amended budget. It is noteworthy that political sources and other parliamentary, attributed the mismatch on the draft budget, to raise political blocs its demands, it stated that the state law insists Set Session certain local governments and reduce the share of the Kurdistan region, the Kurdistan Alliance insists on increasing allocations Peshmerga and maintain the ratio Territory of the budget amounting to 17 percent, as well as the allocation of funds to oil companies operating in the region, and would require the Iraqi List, the census and non-interference central government in the affairs of local governments before agreeing on the budget, as well as increasing the price of a barrel of oil to neighboring countries, which is now $ 50, Sadrists insist on the implementation of the 25 percent of the surplus oil sales and distribution to citizens with passage of the Pension Act, while demanding citizen adoption of block grant university students and increase social welfare grant and made 250 thousand dinars as a condition for voting on the budget. It is noteworthy that the crisis between Baghdad and Erbil, which broke out during the (November of 2012), and that brought things between the two capitals to the limits of "brinkmanship" after Thrikema of heavy weapons and Thacidha within Kirkuk, their impact on the attitude of the coalition of state law to balance the Kurdistan region, But talk about the topic "eased" against the backdrop of escalating protests and sit-ins in the Sunni areas, which has made the "hawks" of state law influence "silence" tactical retreat, even while, in light of their position that "I do not envy him."

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