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iraqi parlimentSteve: Greetings PD Members

Boy you guys are fast. I tried to quick create a post and then hide it until it was finished, but some of you saw it.

As you are all aware, we do not post updates just for the heck of it or chats so we can satisfy our paying members, oops, this is a free site last time I looked. 🙂

I would like to share some information regarding our investment. Take this information and share it, bash it, trash it, make fun if it, or whatever you wish to do with it, but regardless of your intentions, we are only sharing what is passed on to us by our contacts.

This information is coming from several sources that have seen and heard this on various media outlets, so if you are looking for a link, well, go do your our own due diligence.

I did comment in several posts regarding why this has not happened yet, and I think it is very clear that other sources other than Iraq has something to do with the outcome. For example, there was a post asking what is next or who has the final say. I responded by saying the IMF.

I appears that the comment was factual. Also, no one really knew what agencies prior to this was required for a final approval.

Sort of like a chain of commands, you have to accomplish x,y,z and then when each accomplishment is achieved, then and only then does it go to the next level.

Our goal is to say very little but make what we do share count regardless of any outcome rather it be about a date of this event or rate of the investment. Please remember, we are not TerryK, or the new want to be Tony (by the way was a part of this site from the conception).

We are about sharing what our sources are hearing and being told.

If you put this into a real perspective, you really only have two (2) choices. You either believe at some point in time in your lifetime that what you purchased will increase in value, or you just spent money on something you would rather bash and trash and not have any faith.

For those that have elected in the second option I will tell you that all of the daily predictors that it will happen any day caused this.

For those that do believe in this realize that at some point in time that Iraq will have to have a currency worth more than what it is now to achieve economic status as an Icon or leader in the economy.

Now we need to move on to the good stuff. A member did verify that the IMF had final approval. Come to find out, this was spot on.

Here is some awesome news from Ray and his contacts, (by the way, confirmed for several other sources):

Ray: Steve, Was talking to a contact of mine in Baghdad and got the following info. He said, according to various media reports, that the World Bank gave their approval to the CBI for the revalue.

He also stated that the IMF gave their approval yesterday. He also stated that an area is being built in Baghdad for the media that is coming for some big announcement being made sometime next week.

He also said that there are banking officials from various countries that are constantly coming and going to the CBI. The people are still being told daily that the rv is imminent.

I know a lot of people are saying that the UN will be making the announcement of the rv. I remember Maliki saying a few years ago that he would be the one making the announcement. Maybe this is the time, finally. I hope to have more news in the next few days. Blessings. Ray

Steve: I also remember Maliki wanting to announce this event and I have it in print but need some time to search for in my archives.

It does appear that we as investors in this country are closer than ever. I refuse to say (unlike the others) that it will be next week, or the week thereafter, but I can assure you, it will be in the very near future.

All I can do is pray that you all just let it come to you and be excited when it does.

Listen up, if Iraq does not do what they agreed to they can and will be moved from Chapter VI back to Chapter VII. I think they get the message. Until then, you are all in my prayers.

Please do start preparing for the next chapter in your lives. God Bless each and every one of you. SteveI

Steve: Now what you all should be aware of, do not believe the negative press. We are on the right track. Blessings, Steve

expect more, on 20 Jul 2013 – 5:45 PM, said: Good evening All,

I seldom post, mostly, because there is a plethora of really smart people on this forum. Additionally, this is an investment for me and I only get excited when an investment matures.

I really support everything Steve and Ray are alluding to.

I have a contact in the US Treasury that told me that an RV would not occur without the IMF signing off. My contact carries significant weight with me.

For clarity, I am professionally involve in the banking and financial services sector on a domestic and international basis. I made a phone call to my contact from Treasury, (moments ago – this person is a personal friend) and the response was it is eminent and has been since the lifting of the Chapter 7 but now the steam is mounting and the pressure to get the Dinar revalued is very high outside of Iraq and the PD (hehehe).

This person told me about the lifting of the Chapter 7 before it happened and what the vote count would be. My contact was clear that without IMF approval no RV would take place.

I also am hesitant to post because people often want verification and proof. Few realize, that nothing is ever for sure. If I pass tomorrow a RV on Monday would mean nothing to me. Besides, this is the Middle East and stuff happens.

All that being said, it would be a good idea for you to “expect more” the coming days. It would also be a good idea to remember to breathe it help keep perspective.

Steve and Ray I appreciate your hard work you guys are Rock Stars expect more

Steve: Thank you for the kind words. Your comments are so spot on and true. It is what it is and we let the rest determine the facts of not believed. Blessings Steve

jpr108, on 20 Jul 2013 – 7:09 PM, said: Wow, What a great update! Thank you Steve and Ray for always bringing us honest, factual information. It is always appreciated. fyb

STEVE: You are very welcome. All we can do is share regardless of the outcome. We will not promote a false hope, but rather, get ready for the next phase of your lives. Blessings, Steve

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