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buckeye dude, on 23 Feb 2013 – 14:13, said: Thanks for the update Steve, Actually I see it as good news and reafirms the new rate is in the budget. In the past they bickered back and forth but not to this extent, that tells me this budget is of most importance. Buckeye

steveI: Thank you for sharing. Yes it is pretty telling and I agree, before the just went on and on, but now. I will absolutely guarantee you the new rate is in the budget and it is within a few pennies of what I shared in the past. Absolutely, positively, 100% sure.

This is probably the only reason I have given this my all and will hang in there until the end as I know what the end is. Blessings, Steve

PM MARINE1 SAID: Steve….here are a few excerpts from a conversation that my partner had with his OCC/Treasury friend last night. OCC-Office of the Comptroller of the Currency -(They are the ones that drafted the FINCEN Form 104 for the Currency Transaction Report. That alone just elevated my excitement. How much better can this get? Blessings, Steve)

From an email from him to me. This is the same Treasury guy that advised us that on Jan 18th.US .treasury analysts pegged the value of the Dinar at $3.41Here are his comments:

My friend reminds me that their is greater integrity to lie so successfully that your opponent crumble in fear of loss rather than build an incredibly stellar character that imbibes leadership.

The last thing he reminded me about is that in the end the Iraqis are bush league players that are about to engage not only the majors but the best in the hall of fame.

US corporations, international corporations, the US government, the EU and specifically countries like the US, Canada, France, Germany, the British, Russia and China are not going to stand by while their treasury’s and corporate titans have poured billions/trillions into Iraq with no ROI.

As it was said to me yesterday, the tab has come due and somebody’s going to pay even if it’s at the end of F18A – but the bill is going to get paid.

STEVE: This is probably one of the most powerful replies on this forum to date. Can you explain what OCC is to our members? It this does not make you wet your pants or hyperventilate, nothing will. :)Blessings, Steve

SNEAZY: Ah well… The same shades as 2010, 2011, and 2012. I’m hoping for the best but with past history for so many years i am prepared for he worse, as in “January is the month, no February is, no it’s May 22nd, no it’s got to be June/July, no it’s got to be September because of this and that, no, it’s January 2014, because that’s what they have been telling us in their articles, etc etc etc.

Again, hopin!g for the best, but this year has started out ‘IDENTICAL” to the last 3. High hopes and NO results

It will happen when it happens. It will be GREAT when it happens, but I hope everyone can see by now, that Nobody has a grasp or a clue on when this will happen. Darn it!

–focus on your life, give big hugs to you children, and know it will happen one of these days!– WHO KNOWS MAYBE IT WILL HAPPEN NEXT WEEK!!

Optimus Prime, on 23 Feb 2013 – 15:59, said: Searzy, What makes this year different? To me, it is Steve saying over and over again that the new rate is absolutely 100% in this budget. Steve and Ocrush have been pretty much “on point” with their information, thus far. This is what keeps me going. If the budget opens up, and there is no new rate in it… Then I maybe with you. Thanks e’rbody! 🙂

STEVE: Listen, I will back you up on this one. I am absolutely positive on my comment, statement, etc. regarding the new rate. I will not back down, not now, not ever on this one. All the “want a be” people that says it will be anywhere from 10 cents to under a dollar can kiss my grits. That is what Alice would have said so I kept it clean. Blessings, Steve

SAGER: I think part of what Steve said relating to Maliki is this:

Decision: the Committee will move toward the economy economic laws, most notably the anti-trust legaland investment

Date: 2013-02-23 12: 32: 34 Saturday

Baghdad (newsletter). According to the decision of the Commission on economy and investment Deputy/Kurdistan blocs Coalition/mehma Khalil, said his Committee will move towards important economic laws, notably investment and antitrust law in the market to support and develop the national economy.

He said Khalil (News Agency): most of the economic laws that were enacted in the House need to be adjustments in line with the evolution of the world and to support the investment process and enhance the national economy.

Explained: the main laws which will be modified and prevent monopoly and protect local product and tariff and laws in support of the private sector as appropriate to the direction of the Iraqi economy towards free market economic LINK policy./finished/8 n. p.

Comment from

Maynard: This is really big. I consider it more relevant to the RV than the budget right now. They need to have their infrastructure in place and there are a few things left to do in their banking, investment, etc. They have the custodial account arrangements in place with Kuwait, so institutional investors can now come in and Iraq can have access to huge foreign capital to get this economy off the ground.

Couldn’t be better. There is also an important banking meeting next week which might well be the last pre-RVpiece of that puzzle. It’s all good. It’s great. Just keep the freaking faith, folks. Maynard


Also from D2D: More good news. The investment law, anti trust, tariff, etc. This is part of the “basket of laws” when they get these done you will see your budget passed, HCL Federation Council etc. Just my personal opinion.

I am sure many disagree but as we saw in recent articles, Maliki is pushing for them to pass the budget using the excuse that it will help the provinces. He simply wants his hands on the budget money. What happened? No budget passed.

Not going to happen until his power is stripped away. They must amend these investment and banking laws to cut the red tape for businesses to come to Iraq.

The WTO has bent their rules and made things flexible for Iraq’s ascension as a full member. Concessions were made on the tariff tax. Maliki has to be in check (Federation Council) will take care of this.

Shabibi wanted political and economic stability. The new Judge and the new Judicial law will handle Tariq at the CBI.

As an earlier article stated yesterday evening, they must go back to the table one more time and come up with a plan to get this done. It seems so simple from my point of view. They should be able to go back to the table make a couple of amendments and throw their hands up. Done we are finished.

However, these nuts like to argue for a while before they say OK. Again, just my opinion, I could be wrong. Either way, our payoff is coming. JMO 🙂

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