SteveI Update – Nothing Left To Do 7-9-13

Zemanta Related Posts ThumbnailI talked to everyone I could that was available and they all told me the exact same thing. And that is there is nothing left to do regarding preparing for the changing in their currency value.

Ray talked to his contacts also and they are confirming what I just mentioned about. They (the Iraqi citizens) are thinking that this will happen at any moment.

No one is really sure as to why are they are dragging this out.

The parliament is putting pressure in the CBI to move forward, and now with two very powerful articles about the immediate urgency to increase their value of their current is simply huge. Best news articles this year.

As you can see, the holiday has nothing to do with anything. Many have confirmed this.

So we just need to let it come to us as it will. So the question now is, are you all ready? I think most are, but for those that are waiting a bit longer, you might want to re-think that.

My focus has been on financial institutions for exchanging the Iraq currency for the US currency. Great progress and looks like we will get to share very soon.

I hope you had a restful 4th and a safe one at that.

I am extremely encouraged with the news today. You can almost just feel that it is right there. Blessings, Steve

jerQy, on 08 Jul 2013 – 5:41 PM, said: good to hear from you, Im sure I was not the only one wondering about your take on all the amazing news these past few days.

Steve: My other take on this after reading the articles today, I am shocked (well sort of) why this has not already happened. Actually today is probably the highlight of being one of the best day yet of this investment.

Come on Iraq, you can do it! Blessings, Steve

Revival, on 08 Jul 2013 – 5:57 PM, said: Steve, A question that has been on my mind i have read it right here on PD that they only have a certain time frame after the lifting of Chapter 7 to RV is that true if so what is the time frame or is this just another rumor???

Thank you sir for your time! Blessings to you and your family, ReVival

Steve: No you are not correct. There is no timeframe to do this in. Blessings, Steve

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