SteveI Update on 2-23-13

Stevel Update – Post From Peoples Dinar

Hello Members,

This is a hard post to write, but you know me by now, I tell it like it is and not make up some sort of fabricated guess as to what is going on. Our sources are in the know and very close to the truth and facts.

As you are well aware by now the vote did not take place again. At the last minute there were more disputes and differences that neither party could set aside and move on. You will be reading about then in the next day or two. I can give you one hint, they refuse to give the budget back to Maliki to disperse at his will.

You will read news from the media that they will vote again on Monday, which at best would be a 5% chance. I have read so many false articles from various recaps and groups that lead you all to believe you will cash in first of the week, but that is just not true.

Until they get past their differences it simply will not happen for at least a minimum of probably two weeks. I just do not see it this week. My guess is that they will hold more meetings and hash this out, in the mean time the country will lose 27 Million dollars per day and the citizens will continue to suffer.

It is very apparent that the leaders of this country do not care about the citizens, but do care more about themselves.

I am just as disappointed as you all are because I spent every waking hour trying to rush the new SMS Text Notification input done so I could share the good news that part of this hurdle was accomplished. Oh well, at least it was done and ready.

I am going to plead to all of our wonderful members and mods and ask a huge favor, please get back to your daily lives and do not focus your every waking minute on this investment or this site. This site is totally free and we do not rely on traffic to exist like the other do.

I probably do not need to reassure you again, but it will in due time be the best investment of your life. It is coming, and it will come as soon as the Iraqi leaders unite as one for the good of their citizens. So until then, this is not about us, and you all know that, but about building a better life for the citizens of Iraq and their futures.

Our sources, all of them, are extremely upset over the continued delays, so with their pressure and pressure from the outside world, maybe they can escalate this and resolve these issues and take this country to the next level of becoming an economic giant.

From what I have read and what we have been told, most all laws that need to do this has been approved and implemented. So the next step is activation of the new value from the 2013 budget and we are on our way.

Again, I am very sorry and it breaks my heart to have to share this with you, but I feel it necessary to do so. I refuse to lead you to believing anything false and causing you all emotional distress over and above what you are already going thru.

I have heard and read that many members are at the very end of your financial ropes and if things do not improve they will get nothing but worse. My wife and I will continue to pray for you and your families.

I wish there was more I can do, but perhaps sticking with us and sharing your thoughts will help. I do not have the correct answer to that one, but can assure you that this entire forum, its members, mods and staff will continue to pray for those in need.

For the most part this community has some of the most caring members ever, so maybe sticking around and sharing will be positive and encouraging.

As a personal promise, I will continue to keep you updated as often as I can and share only the facts as we get them. Maybe if it helps, I can join chat every day and share with you what I know and am hearing. Will that help? I will listen and respond to all replies as long as they are respectful.

All I can say is that I love you all and you will remain in my prayers.

God Bless each and every one of you. Steve

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