Studley FreewayBill at 3S’s Intel 3-4-12

[Studley] you’re all welcome…. I am not promising, or guaranteeing anything, but I see this event and others coming to a head very quickly

[Studley] subsonic yes he is, should be, but the web of deceit is very deep…. there will be arrests and resignations well after the release

[FreewayBill] everyone ready for an rv?????

[FreewayBill] i think studley said it best, that it is time for the us to get their head out of their hiney and realize that china means business….

[Studley] strongbow yw buddy, means a lot, just trying to shed light, without compromising the delicate events

[Studley] top_gun It better go soon

[Clutchgut] FreewayBill can you explain a “full court press” to those of us that are sports deficient????

[FreewayBill] Clutchgut a full court press is the strongest and most agressive attempt to get the opponent to turn over the BALL…. The opponent brings the ball up the floor with very few options on what to do because they are being cornered every where they TURN…

That is where we are NOW.. We have no where to turn but to just go with the RV…. Great move China boys!

[artle01] Studley Just got back from “act of Valor” a wonderful movie-u must see it. And to see your confidence is great! You have been so conservative with your thoughts! Something must be up!

[Studley] artle01 ty, and I believe so, there are many reasons for positivism

[peoplesmart] FreewayBill who would of thought our self interest and China’s are linked

[FreewayBill] peoplesmart i think it is great that we as citizens look at China as the good guy

[Studley] pmw1973 I have given so many windows… I think I live in a greenhouse

[Studley] leslourich I really don’t know…. I don’t believe anyone will know the true complete story

[Texas T] Studley,,,, is this all effecting the rate in a negative or positive fashion please sir?

[Studley] Texas T should be positive way

[Texas T] Thanks Studley,,, last question I promise. Do you, IYHO, believe in these 10+ rates please sir

[Studley] Texas T I won’t go into dates and rates because the info can change on a dime, and that info is extremely classified, no one will know the real truth of that

[Studley] Texas T let me put it like this, I wouldn’t worry about the rate…. Adam Montana’s fifteen cents has nothing on the real rate

[top_gun] Studley So what is holding up this darn thing? Ministers? GOI? HCL? ERBIL? Budget? Thought all was done? Just more politics?

[FreewayBill] top_gun bad guys was, not any MORE…. Rv coming…

[Studley] top_gun lots of greedy power players in this world

[Studley] Thank the Chinese, Legarde, our Special Veterans, and other Patriots around the world they saved this at the last minute, we are in overtime, our backs are against the wall, this MUST come out now, otherwise very bad things will start happening around the world, there is a line in the sand…. this will be either a new glorious era, or you will see institutions crumble, along with major problems in the financial markets… I believe we will see the finish line in the next 24 to 36 hours…. our country is being cleansed of a very bad element that has been allowed to steal from great Americans for decades…. there will be a great reconing shortly…. be ready for some very unique times….. God Bless you all

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