Studley Says Much But Says Nothing 3-16-12

Max says, “Man, do these guys know how to say a whole lot of nothing.” I agree Max.

[imready] Mr. Studley…please give us the latest…

[Studley] I cannot go into specifics because we have made tremendous strides by being vague on info, but I can tell you the steps that I expected to take place have all been done…. we are on the cusp of greatness… again, specifics can lead to a delay of release

[pastorcharlie55] Seems that everyone is saying we are close. IYHO how close are we really and is everything finished for sure??

[Studley] No One will know for sure, there can always be unforeseen steps before completion, this is a speculation meaning we will be unsure of exact timing…. but IMO, I believe all steps were taken that needed to

[Eleanor] Mr. Studley, has it RVd yet? and why not?

[Studley] No it has not, because that is not how this system works, it is common sense, if we knew for sure of every event leading up to an rv everyone would be involved, and compromise the system, and get an unfair advantage in the process, that is not how currency plays work.

[Guyduty] Studley When do we cash in???

[Studley] When we get an official notice of an rv, we will know minutes after rv, and will post it in the forums
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[wisewarrior] We hear so many diferent things….the dollar will decline substantially/no it won’t cuz it’s the reserve currency backed by oil….. stock upon food in case there is turmoil….what are we to think and do? I know of “conspiracy theories” which IMO aren’t so much theory any more….

[Studley] wisewarrior no one can predict the future…. but the key to being prepared is education… read as much material on how economics, and the global environment work, that way you will be prepared for whatever comes your way…. be careful of fear tactics by government officials, and financial representatives, that is how they distort reality, go back to basics, study psychology and history

[JimmySmack] Once it officially rvs (whenever that is), how will we truly know it IS time to go to the bank? Will banks post before Forex, CBI, etc.?

[Studley] JimmySmack It will spread like wildfire, this site will light up like a christmas tree, or be a ghost town…. also sites like are great resources

[wisewarrior] I heard a month or so back that you would be available post rv for education on further opportunities in person….or online….what is planned? Thanks

[Studley] wisewarrior I will be taking a much needed vacation and sleep for a month…. when I wake up like a bear in a cave… I will work on getting education programs from some of the top investment houses for our members

[tigerbait] How soon will the bank packages be available?

[Studley] should be within hours after the rv, depending on time of rv, and negotiations length

[alohalani] Aloha Studley….do you think we will cash in with tellers?

[Studley] No, the bank will take you to special rooms to cash out, they are going to try and make this a descreet process

[wisewarrior] Again we have outdated info from some about the new asset backed UST notes….i know this is a groaner, bbut for one year we will be safe against possible dollar slide in non interest bearing accounts, yes? ok but THEN WHAT?

[Studley] I would do my homework and get the best possible financial advisor you can, it is like a marriage, you need to be very dilligent in who you choose to manage your money

[kalmarrin] What about the announcement that Australia is expected to cash in tomorrow?

[Studley] There should be no one expecting to cash out based on how many times we have been close and nothing happens. That is why I keep telling everyone to stay balanced, and use common sense. We are in a great spot, but NOTHING IS CERTAIN IN CURRENCY PLAYS.

[$ay_its_over] Concerning Dinar Banker, if we have layaway – how can we pay and pickup dinar at once?

[Studley] I have no idea, I am sure they will put out information on their procedures post rv, but I will see if I can find out for everyone

[timlbs] The path we are now on is well worn..many times before….why is this time and place different?

[Studley] Because there are monumental steps that have been taken to get us past the point of no return, and the global economies of the world are desperate for this to be released

[gridkeeper] Why is it okay for the gurus to know what is going on but not for the rest of us? How can our listening to a million different opinions about dates and rates slow down release of the RV? Thanks for taking the time to answer.

[Studley] gridkeeper because there are some despicable people in power that had planned for years to siphon off the money using back doors, and special computer programs, if you would have received the money before, there is a great chance that you would have seen money in your account one minute and then have it disappear the next, and you are more than capable of getting your own sources of information so you can know what is going on, I did that with hard work

[squirrel#1] post rv how will folks get informed if and when you start your new bank?

[Studley] I will post progress of that transforming, and all specifics for you to make an educated decision to join at this site

[vivrelereve] Thank you so much ! If you had Reserves from Dinar Banker and physical dinar how would you cash out for the optimum benefit.

[Studley] I will have a special deal with Wells Fargo Atlanta. I will try and negotiate a specific plan of action for everyone to do that at the same time. Also, I will be working with Jonny in Houston to get the best bank packages we can for all people in the dinar community no matter what site you belong to.

[wisewarrior] How and when can we buy libyan dinar?

[Studley] I am not sure, they have not given out the specifics of that currency play yet to my knowledge

[bahamamama] Do you forsee the RV being delayed until September?

[Studley] Absolutely not, there will always be scare tactics put out by certain information sources to keep people off the scent of any rv, it happens all the time

[tessa] they have announced it by ABC Australia why do we not know?

[Studley] I do not know, I didn’t get any confirmation of that, I will check into it

[veggielover] If by chance the rate does come in high most have warned that it will be a good idea to cash in rapidly. But if we have reserves with Dinar Banker will it be possible to pick those up soon enough to case in rapidly with a bank? Can you give any ideas about what steps we could take to do that?

[Studley] I believe dinar banker will be overwhelmed with the demands, I have stated earlier, I will be negotiating with Wells Fargo to facilitate a seamless transfer of funds between WF and DB.

[cantwait] Studley, Thanks for your dedication. My question is do the people behind this “big” historical event really know what they are doing? Seems the rules are continuely changing – Will we have a workable system in the end?

[Studley] Great question, actually that has been part of the plan to be confusing all along, they do not want anyone to know exactly what they are doing at all times, that has caused delays in the past, and they do not want anyone gaining an unfair advantage in the system.

[metthodius1] There are some moderators who have posted on Recaps and Dinar that are still speculating this will not show until September. Can you speak to why we see such discrepancies in the intelligence of being so close and yet so far away?

[Studley] Because different people are more dialed into this event than others, every person with information gets it from different sources, and furthermore, if you do not have a background in currency plays and finance, it is hard to analyze the information that is coming out

[superbiz01] Are we waiting for Iraq or is it a timing issue with the powers at be and nothing to do with Iraq, GOI, etc?

[Studley] It is a timing issue at this point.

[wildwes35] I am just curious if the Chinese are livid by now with these delays as they personally came to the US to get this global reset done or are they happy right now with the progress that is being made? Ty for all you do sir.

[Studley] First off, the Chinese are instrumental in this process, and are a big part of why we are this close, but they do not control everything and cannot force this event alone. Secondly, the Chinese have helped to take the big issues out of the US’s hands and alowed the BIS and IMF to finish the critical steps to complete this process. Great question, but I don’t have time for an essay.

[FIREFIGHTERGIRL] IYO,I know you don’t know for sure, but do you think we will go thru another weekend? Be nice.

[Studley] I truly do not know, I can say that I do not think so, but because of the enormous nature of this event, we will not know if there is a problem that will delay it at the last minute, and, again, there are people that are very powerful that do not want to see this go through smoothly

[okienow] I have my NIBA established, I have my dinar copies ready to go, and I’m excited to be a part of this amazing process. My concern has to do with cashin locations. For example-Will all BOA branches cash in or only select locations?

[Studley] That will be determined based on the specific rules and regulations they will release when this event takes place

[misskitty] Studley is there really a new rule placing restrictions on wire transfers? If so, what is the rule, to whom does it apply and is it something we should worry about?

[Studley] No you shouldn’t worry about the new rule, it is meant to stop illegal and fraudulent activity with large transfers of money

[thudz] Will funds from an initial wire of over $500,000 for sale of Dinar through a broker such as Dinar Banker really be frozen if being placed INTO your account or not?

[Studley] That question I would specifically ask a banker, but IMO I would not see that as a problem, the banks should work with you to give you a line of credit if you need it

[Guyduty] Studley What has kept the bad people, computer programmers ect. from back door funneling of money from existing rich people? What make us any different now.

[Studley] ‘Tis is an entirely different situation, and I would need seven pages to answer that question. I’ll give you a hint, because you seem frustrated, this has been part of the plan all along, rich people are not transferring billions and billions simultaneously

[angelbabies28] From all that you are hearing from your sources, and all that others are saying, do you think we are right before this hits?

[Studley] I think we are very close

FreewayBill] note: all opinions expressed by Studley are tremendously great advice and should be taken seriously. This man is a legend in the world of finance and currency…. When i grow up i want to be just like Studley!!!

[tothemoon] Studley will you be working out a deal with Chase and Dinar Banker -thank you for all you do

[Studley] Possibly

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