Studley Wed. PM Chat 1-18-12

Studley] I am right here guys… still taking calls… everything is looking great… calm before the storm…. breathe in through the nose and out the mouth lol

Studley] kurdistanman…. yes relax… no matter what info is given… the rv will come no sooner

[Studley] TexasT… NO you should go to sleep… when this hits, you will need lots of energy…. but take it one step at a time… don’t forget… this is a marathon, not a sprint

Studley] 36outlaw… good question… it just means they have completed an important step in the process… we are looking great… guys, again don’t ask me how close we are… I don’t micromanage this event….

[shasta7] Studley … doing great just getting everything ready for when this hits… 🙂 All signs are looking GREAT!!!

[Studley] shasta… yes it does…

[Hebrews11:1] Studley hi Thanks for your hard work on our behalf! Can you address the question regarding change from fixed to float posted on Forex Pro’s? Does this mean the rate is at liberty to fluctuate w/ market value? There is a great deal of concern regarding the need to fix the rate in the first 24 hrs.

[Studley] Hebrews… I’m not sure… don’t forget, this is an important step in the process…. but they do not reveal the rules until full rv is released

[Studley] Hebrews… fixed float means they can only adjust the rate based on IMF guidelines… free float means the market will determine the value of the currency

Studley] ekay… first of all, you cannot compare this rv to Kuwait… apples to oranges… this is much bigger, with many more moving parts…. Kuwait was relatively simple process, this is dependant on numerous countries, and agencies, very difficult to work out timing of the event

[Studley] Highlander…. you will know because the CBI will let you know what type of float they released

[Studley] joyjoyjoy… I am not commenting on how close we are

[Studley] prosperity… you have to balance every investment based on your personal risk tolerance… there are numerous risks with this investment… you are dealing with one of the most volitale places on earth… you need to think about that for yourself… I am not going to be hanging around dinars very long

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