SWAG Guru Mountain Goat 6-24-14

Max says, “I’m referring to all of the usual suspects, ah I mean intel providers, as SWAG Gurus until further notice.”

Intel Guru Mnt Goat: I heard that Maliki had made a deal to implement Article 140 and that the Kurds agreed to it. This is great news however it is only a proposal put forth by Maliki. It means nothing unless the new session of parliament is held and they vote on it and accept it. I also want everyone to remember that the constitution of Iraq already provides for these disputed oil rich regions to go to the Kurdistan region. So why the necessity for any “deal” in the first place?

He has had 4 years already to work out a compromise and negotiate on this issue so why all of a sudden now on the eve of the first session of parliament does he propose such a deal? Article 140…will linger as long as it is used as a political bargaining ship…once Maliki is gone this article 140 issue will be clarified very quickly once and for all… So why accept any deal now? It will be one of the items in the “basket” of laws that will be published and moved forward very quickly along with the long awaited revaluation process. Good try Maliki!

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