SWFloridaGuru Chat 1-15-12

*Jan 15 1:28 PM [SWFloridaGuru] I guess I think today is just another day closer. It seems we’re progressing nicely. I don’t have any information that points to a certain date or rate but I can tell you the best contacts I know all say with 100% certainty it will go down. We just have to wait for completion.

1:29 PM [SWFloridaGuru] I think we are very close. I also know that no one knows that for sure. It could happen today it could happen next week. We have contacts that are as close to the situation as can be and if they don’t know, then I have a very hard time believing anyone who claims to know date or rate. jmo

1:31 PM [SWFloridaGuru] Well, China did just a couple days ago make a huge play which makes me believe we’re close. I just try to stay away from guessing dates. I might as well just pick a day out of a hat.

Jan 15 1:32 PM [Papa Bear] I am still on but phone and PMs popping. What I will say is I am extremely happy and hoping to be bank hopping as early as tomorrow. I still dont know about tonights call. Hard getting hold of AQ

1:31 PM [Papa Bear] You folks have some of the best intel in the world coming in on our Dinar sites. WE are BLESSED

1:32 PM [Spark22] Is AQ having a call today?
1:33 PM [Papa Bear] Spark22 Bob is trying and there is no better person to work on this

1:32 PM [justforfun] SWFloridaGuru is that heresay that they bought Dinar?
1:33 PM [SWFloridaGuru] justforfun Absolutely not and I really can’t say anything more about that.

1:35 PM [Larry] SWFloridaGuru I heard that it was confirmed about the china purchase from 2 other places also…

1:38 PM [SWFloridaGuru] Today there was a meeting with the Gulf Cooperation Council and China. “Development of relations with China and fruitful economic cooperation and trade are conducive to the efforts of the GCC members to tide over the financial crisis and maintain stable economic growth.” I believe in March of last year Iraq was welcomed into the GCC.

This was in Iraq’s best interest for economical benefits as well as improving the level of Arab relations. This was the only meeting today I was able to get proof of.

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