SWFloridaGuru Chat 1-21-12

1-21-2012 SWFloridaGuru:.Don’t be discouraged by negative articles. They are just the author’s opinions and don’t necessarily represent the government’s plan. For every negative article, I could show you 10 positive ones. There is a basis for a revaluation of the IQD. Iraq is an economic giant! Countries like the U.S. and China who have huge amounts of dinar in their central banks are investing heavily in Iraq and aiding in their development. Foreign currency speculators have been expecting a revaluation of the IQD for over 8 years. The IQD is expected to be revalued alongside the same foundation that the Kuwaiti dinar was revalued after the 1st Gulf War. The Kuwaiti dinar fell from its pre-conflict levels and when oil production restarted the foreign currency regained all its original value. Investors holding the Kuwaiti dinar at that time noticed profits of over 3000% on their investment. Many financial professionals (not gurus) are speculating that this shall be an asset with an extremely high profit potential. Don’t expect to see the details of this plan outlined in black and white. Although there have been some documents that have leaked out, it is imperative to this plan to keep it from the general public. As Shabibi has stated, he can’t tell us when or if they will RV but they have already made a decision and the only question is when to implement. Be encouraged; we believe that time is now!

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