SWFloridaGuy Chat 10-30-12

SWFloridaGuy: Great news today!! It looks Iraq has made some real progress and their efforts to work on bilateral relations with Kuwait have not gone unnoticed. Iraq will be released from Chapter VII. It’s being worked on behind the scenes as we speak.

They are not out yet but eventually they will be and sooner rather than later it appears. This marks an important milestone in the restoration of Iraq’s normalized ties to the international community. The removal of the Chapter VII Charter of the UN is a significant step in returning Iraq to the legal and international standing it held prior to the 1990 invasion of Kuwait.

This announcement comes 4 days after the UN Compensations Commission on the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait announced the allocation of $1.09 billion to compensate 5 Kuwaiti “governmental” companies which remain nameless.

Once finalized, their removal from Chapter VII will be a meritorious accomplishment for the country of Iraq and for investors a sign that Iraq is on a general road to economic recovery. The article says it all — “We Are Working To Remove From Chapter VII. The United States is working on removing Iraq from Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations to Chapter VI, noting that it worked great for the settlement of disputes between Iraq and Kuwait.

The U.S. ambassador in Iraq Stephen Beecroft said the United States worked very hard behind the scenes with Iraq and Kuwait for the settlement in the differences between them. Our office at the United Nations is working to end the requirements of Chapter VII.” “There audits every six months and we hope that turns Chapter VII to Chapter VI.

The United States interacts strongly with the Iraqi government in this area and we are working to support them as much as possible. The Iraqi Foreign Ministry announced, in (23 October 2012), that the Prince Kuwait agreed to settle the issue of compensation Kuwait Airways incurred owed by Iraq, while confirming that the Kuwait informed law firms in Britain to stop all proceedings on the airline and property in Iraq.”

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