TerryK Chat Update 12-4-12

[terryk] i have been on calls all day and all night

[tina] hey terry!!!

[terryk] alot going on first of all china has deployed its fleet have it verfied they are heading to the usa dont know how close they will get its a show of force

[terryk] the lady of china is pushing for a global reset and pushing a certain person in the usa to rv dont know how thats going to play out its not in the main stream news

[terryk] other than a major conference call tonight that happened at 7 pm let me show you the agenda

[terryk] • the implications surrounding china’s erratic changes in leadership • china’s “unprecedented” skill at economic espionage • how some americans are being tricked into investing in fraudulent chinese companies • why the u.s. had better keep a “close eye” on the chinese military • how china plans to “stride the world” and surpass the u.s. as the global economic superpower • the impact of china’s sudden military expansion and cyber-warfare capabilities • the possibility china will move to seize control of the south china sea and why • the impact of china’s worldwide currency manipulation • the immense investment opportunities in china • why china’s access to raw materials is a major issue

[terryk] now what does that mean for us

[terryk] well a few things are going on as we speak hong kong source is telling me that the dong is being traded right now for .47 in the mid east cant verify

[terryk] it is showing up on currency sites just not forex forex guy is telling me its on the screens but has not been released wf source is telling me its on the screens but not released

[terryk] now thrusday is the first day that wf is allowed to sell the dong again for years they can buy and sell the dong do you hear what im saying

[terryk] now i purchased dong thrusday for 48 it went up to 59.79 today per mil so there is movement now for dinar wait lets talk pp first

[terryk] have many confirms that the pp are out many have gotten them but like 25% have not they are spose to go out tonight and into the morning

[terryk] if this is true and the packages do get delivered in the west that would mean that the rv is not far behind 73 trillion is coming into the banking system this week i was advised that in the wf branch that my buddy works at today

[terryk] they received 1.9 trillion over the weekend what does that tell u

[terryk] now if the pp do come out tonight we would be on the same time table we were on last night things just get / got pushed back i feel your fustration as i have the same oh crap another day but there are reasons for this complications in the delevery of all the packages

[terryk] first of all logistics banking systems must all sync together did you hear that that would be tue night rememeber that one 2-3 am tue morning / wed when the banks talk next…. we would maybe have to wait 24-48 hours after that poiint which would take us into a thursday night

[terryk] iraq banks closed on friday / saturday price adjustment in iraq re-program and when they open sunday you would see the currency now if the banks talk on tuesday we may see it / we may not i will let you know as well as the other sites may see it

[terryk] alot of the gurus have contacts that can see this not just me so with that all said we are in a**** good spot this week im done questions

[ok2bhappy] so tuesday morning is in a few hours

[terryk] we will see ww iii or the rv this week

[texasgirl1] that is scary – how do you think o is going to explain that before his inaguration – he better pay china or let the rv go – what do you think will happen

[westf] angel1

[terryk] rv

[slouch] terryk are you saying the only non-delivered pp’s are in the west? and the 25% comprises only the west?

[terryk] i hear o bosses are going to force him to let it rv before the tax hike

[texasgirl1] terry k – that would be the smart thing to do but you never know with ego-driven people

[jgrines] so we will see it released here by ust on sun

[terryk] no slouch

[goodgrins] who are o bosses

[msjeta1] terryk i might as well ask the question any indication on rates

[agent 007] soros

[terryk] im saying about 25% of all the packages have not been delivered with most of those in the west i have the ratei have it from my soruce in the imf

[slouch] terryk got it now. ty

[gullwing] terryk on both ??

[terryk] i cant give it out yes

[rocketman] terryk will we like the rate?

[terryk] u will love the rate

[goodgrins] well will the dinar be above 3

[janicemulvaney] terryk hello

[terryk] on both

[texasgirl1] terry k – will you be able to verify the pp – that seems like such a hard program to understand and no one really seems to know who or what they will be

[thj] terryk can ya tell if it is greater than $2

[gullwing] terryk have they remained close to your estimates ??

[terryk] im not going to play the game peeps i told my imf i would not talk rateits been causing problems

[gullwing] terryk rates greater than the placeholer figures we have seen the last 2 weeks ??

[terryk] as they can tell where and who is giving info please understand

[goodgrins] ok as long as we are happy

[terryk] some of my sources were part of that and yes they were using me to flush some of these cats out as the other sites and the fed are on this site right now watching

[texasgirl1] terry k – do you think the brokers will honor the reserve programs

[terryk] i have been told what i can say and what i cant i know dinar banker and dinar inc will i dont know about the others

[goodgrins] so we should see this before xmas then

[texasgirl1] terryk – thank you

[terryk] ok the dong right now is ] ..4796 on gaget per dong to usd so 479,600 per mil 479,699 per mil on gaget dont get all excited its not forex

[terryk] we have been watching this for two weeks now maybe three

[gullwing] but i like excited !! lol

[nano36] gullwing lol

[texasgirl1] if it is $.4796 – that will make me extremely happy – i know people keep saying higher but what a return on investment that will be

[terryk] now i talked with frank about this the other day if your registered with dinar banker and you have submitted your photo id and your in good standing you should not have a problem exchanging your currencies no matter where you got it from ok yes because thier was a call tonight let me post this

[tina] agent 007 lol

[terryk] this is an important reminder to notify you that tuesday, dec. 4, at 11 a.m. est, lignet will hold an urgent summit to discuss the escalating tensions between the united states and china. china’s economy – including its stock and real estate markets – may be witnessing a bubble. if china’s markets crash, the implications for the u.s. and global economies are extremely serious. leading the intelligence panel will be former cia director gen. michael hayden and former utah gov. jon huntsman, who recently served as u.s. ambassador to china

[rocketman] terryk where did china get a blue water navy?

[terryk] i was not to put this out until after the call but i had a personal invite to attend it as many im sure

[gullwing] terryk you said above 2-3am tues morn/ wed. did you mean it could be either day ? sorry if i’m slow ,just trying to get on the right page . thanks

[goodgrins] did you intend

[terryk] yes no tuesday night going into wed morning is the banking sync time

[goodgrins] wow are you excited tk

[terryk] 2-3 am

[terryk] xxxxxis a globally recognized intelligence resource prepared by former cia analysts, national security officers, and presidential advisers. what transpires between the u.s. and china could have dire consequences for america and inescapable economic ramifications. we strongly encourage you to join tuesday’s urgent lignet briefing to discover how this conflict affects you

[terryk] join us for this rare opportunity to hear high-level intelligence analysts discussing matters of international security!

[goodgrins] wow

[terryk] so u can see its pretty serious stuff

[gullwing] terryk cool

[terryk] yea i get alot from them then i get ones from africa where my dead non family memeber left me millions

[willierc123] agent 007 hello

[terryk] so with that thats all i have for the day alot going on alot of calls alot of emails but i will say this

[willierc123] agent 007 so was up doc

[terryk] im hearing alot of positive things

[agent 007] willierc123 nothing much

[goodgrins] so tk can i ask a ?

[terryk] alot thats going to change the world sure goodgrins

[goodgrins] on a scale of 1 to 10 do you think this wekek

[bigengine] this world needs to change.

[goodgrins] week

[terryk] 9 9.5

[gullwing] wow woo hoo

[goodgrins] wow time to party

[terryk] that strong

[goodgrins] ty ty ty ty ty

[terryk] now i will say this my souce told me tonight not to turn my phone off that they maybe calling me at 3 am

[rocketman] terryk did china reposses some of our navy?

[goodgrins] so dont lol

[terryk] i hear they purchased a few ships from russia the past months a flat top and a couple of battle ships so u have to ask yourself why

[rocketman] terryk yes, flew their first plan off a carrier last week

[terryk] wow north dakota best ran state in the us

[irkaola] terry can i copy this and post it on facebook or not

[terryk] yes you may

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