TerryK Chat Update – No National Conference 9-26-12

[terryk] ok all im hearing that the national conference has been canceled and that his is going down any moment will not go into the month of october just got call from china source treat as rumor

dishman] im liking the dong at .91
[ateam] .10 is good
[terryk] .62
[dishman] but ill take .01

[terryk] holy moly marriott told me to pack my bags for a vacation of a life time maybe they know about the dinar
[dishman] your china man who’s his circles…
[terryk] dishman come on really he is in china
[dishman] well i mean he must be high up there…

[terryk] he owns a chicken shop makes soup he talk funny TO terryk
[terryk] much time night all god bless u and watch for news toni call me if this goes down ok dont call me toni you dont have my number you have to call tina who will call me

[downsouth1] TerryK. Just one question. You said National Conf. canceled, but this still goes down soon. A little confused Thought we needed nc.

[terryk] nope they dont not what i heard today they dont need it ok all time to sleep night

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