TerryK Update 1-17-12

[terryk] just got that call back
[terryk] this is going down in the am peeps when cbi opens

[terryk] they are to have a rate change according to this source
[terryk] this cat has peeps with the banks now in nevada
[terryk] and thats what he just got he just called

[terryk] the rate is in the upper 12’s
[terryk] cbi does not open till 3am central our time

[terryk] hey dags so now i can go to sleep until i get another call

[terryk] they banks dont open until 3am eastern us
then it will take a bit to turn them on i would think
but what do i know im just a pawn

[terryk] ok all i got to go god bless you all i pray this is true
[terryk] good source very good treat as rumor d** good rumor

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