The Koonce Has Spoken 3-21-12

Max asks, “How You Making It? Good question. Next question.”

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RANDY: It has not RV’d, and not at $14 – I got more than one email on that. If anyone’s afraid of that, just go to CBI to calm your nerves.

There’s a lot going on, a lot of pressure…Remember I was telling you that Iraq was under pressure by Sunday or Iraq would be doing stuff. We all have to assume that Iraq is going to finish up everything they said they’d do prior to the

Summit…Everyone asks the same question. Can they do the Summit? NO…they have no funding or anybody to protect them.

I would assume these countries are going to wait til the very last minute and then
they’ll show up. If they don’t, they’ll say we have other things to do – don’t
want to show up and get blown up. There were injuries and bombings yesterday so they’re under pressure. The closer we get to the Summit, the more pressure. They said they wanted to see the government and the Strategic Council (power sharing) prior within 72 hours, but they haven’t pulled out so most likely, things have been resolved

Everybody saw Maliki resigned..that doesn’t mean that…He’s coming out today talking about the Defense Minister but it’s not going to cure all their problems, but it’s one step closer to showing their ministers. It’s a great time. Can I make it happen? No. Can we look forward to it? Yes. Even up to Sunday is a superb day but the ministers and Strategic council need to show.

The only way to see this ….they had the bombings that were to deter …to move around or to stop the national meeting…so we know it took place or is taking place right now and we don’t know how many days it will go – we’re assuming 3-4 days at the top.

We hope to see the ministers and SC and then see the RV. All that stuff has to take place and if any one of those steps gets double-jointed, it could stop the process. So, don’t say this is it…but it has never looked this good.

Iraqi (Allawi) off and on threatens to do one thing or another – to get the process moving further on and get it going. Maliki, has obviously got curtailed because he’s not the one doing all the announcements making the national meeting after the conference – it’s always one of his cronies trying to make it after the summit.

Maliki says he’s in the corner and trying to figure out to get out of it…he just has to get his other guys asking constitutional questions saying it’s not constitutional. If
Maliki does it, they’ll throw you under the bus –every time you see MP – that’s
the Minister of Parliament to stand up (likeCongress).

Anytime there’s a flow in the National alliance to get enough in the block to tell Maliki to take a jump. It had parts of the Kurds and factions, but never a big enough block to take the majority and that’s why Maliki beame the Prime Minister. At the same time, Allawi won the popular vote and will be ahead of the Strategic Council. Talabani has taken this by the horns, but they have a schedule.

When Maliki went to Kuwait he had to have given him a
schedule…couldn’t happen any other way. It was a big success and Kuwait hates
Maliki – the only way to have a major success is to bow down and give them what
he wants. Iraq isn’t pulling the shot, Talabani is…that’s a great sign. He’s
saying look guys, I’m going to give you what you want and use his cronies to
block it or delay it after the Summit….Guys, just back up from the articles and
look who’s saying the articles.

On the 1:1 articles…they’re great …we’re still in great shape. I’ll take 50 cents…it’s a God send, but all they’re trying to explain that these Iraqi dinars coming out are going to be stronger than the US D…and it’s the strongest right now on the street, but their money is going to be the best on the street. Right now, it’s not. They’re saying, okay, if you say so.

The deleting the zeros….they’re just getting them off the street in 5th grade levels. I have a hard time explaining it to most of the callers but can you imagine explaining this to a 5th grader. They say look….this 25,000 is going to be 25 dinars…No it’s not. It’s the same difference with 85 Maliki resigned…scared to death if it’s going to affect us. No, not at all. It just means he didn’t do a good job
so take those articles in the right way.

I’m looking to see the ministers today, tomorrow or no later than Sunday – then the RV should be shortly after that, but we WILL NOT SEE THE RV UNTIL WE SEE THE MINISTERS…and YOUR’E NOT GOING TO SEE a $14 RATE … or that the bank screens are flashing. I’ve got banking buddies that actually laugh…if it’s any number than 3.41 it’ll be .289 — you’re going to see point and whatever it
is to the currency. Someone actually sent one of those things with a good
explanation of what you’d see on the screen.

Q: Do we know that the national conference started?
A: Yes, I wanted to use an article – I think why they haven’t published it very well is they’ve got themselves on a timeline and if they don’t make it, they’ll have a ….fudge? back.

Q: All these preparatory meetings was my understanding they’d be going over all the necessary items, correct?
A: Yes…but we haven’t heard the outcome. Even if I knew, I wouldn’t tell anybody because there’s one more step– To have the end of the meeting is the 2 parts of Erbil – ministers and Strategic Council. All they’re looking is for the conclusion….and we want them to say they have the ministers and the Strategic Council….once that’s done that should fulfill everything Shabibi wants to do it.

IMO I think he’ll do it very quickly but don’t think he’ll go very many days…just a short while because it has to be prior to the Summit…if we don’t have what we need to see, and these guys gracefully bow out, they won’t be there.

Q: You said, when we see the National Conference, sit back and relax. Still feel
that way?
A: Yes….I still think all things are done prior to Sunday – I don’t have control over that and we’re having to watch it from the outside, but if everything happens by then, we’ll all be happy.

Q: I’ve heard there’s a 1% US Treasury fee that none of us will avoid paying…do you know that?
A: There will not be….here’s the deal. This is a belief –I have strong evidence I can’t show anybody yet. Do not worry about the cash-in. All major banks will cash in, don’t worry or be scared about it. Just be calm. All the people with Dinar Banker are going to want to cash in and they may have a better rate than the bank….we won’t know that until we RV and then when the rates get set, we’ll know what we want. It’ll be more competitive.

If you’re under some strain, take one note and cash it in and start shopping it…you don’t want to wait a year…These guys are going to ask for your money. Do you want to leave your money for them to verify? No, the major banks will give you credit for it….It’s still basically not the currency they want and isn’t really
tradable yet and until then, they’re not going to mess with it. If you go to the
banks, they use they use almost the same line.

Q: I was told they’re going to close our accounts down and then open another bank separate from their retail banks so we’ve been doing things needlessly running down the rabbit hole.
A: I’ll have Dinar Recaps talk about that…keep in mind, after the RV takes place, there’s going to be a starting place, but not until the rate comes in. You don’t know anything until then. If you’re cashing in 4-6 months could be the best time to cash in, the reason is everybody wants your money so the longer you go out there, the better the rates.

Don’t worry about them making the bills being invalid…that’s not true. Or they’re going to pull your tax record, banks can’t do that – it’s an income capital gain…just breathe and see the process and give yourself some time to think. You don’t have to jump. Make decisions without the boogie man at the door…start looking at where you want to go and I know you’re going to be okay. It’s easier than what people think it is. Don’t listen to just one person on a call…including me. You want to have knowledge and security you’re doing the right thing.

Q: How about the taxes?
A: I will tell you exactly what the IRS person told me who did my audit…she said all currency ALLLLLL is long term. I do have people on here that could answer those questions, but everybody has opinions. We’re going to get an opinion letter from the IRS and we’ll publish it to make sure everyone gets that opinion letter and because it’s the largest thing we’re going to deal with you want to make sure they don’t come back on you. The easiest thing to do is breathe, take your time, try not to rush.

Ask what’s your primary focus on your money? Think about this ….[securing
it] – just make sure the bank doesn’t go belly up and all the majors will do that for you. If you end up with over a $1 million, you’re going to want a tax attorney that you call “brother” to make sure they make the right moves. They have them in every state…You’ll be buying stuff, house, cars, land, and you want to make sure a tax attorney is your best buddy to make those decisions.

Q: Was Kuwait considered long term when they RV’d?
A: At the time it was just capital gains and the tax laws in 1992 may have been different.

Q: Re: Dong? And will the IQD be attached to the BritishPound.
A: That’s another fallacy – the IQD is strapped to the dollar along with everyone in the world. Why they would mislead you – I have no clue. I don’t know much about the dong…but the research I did do …not every day and I left the theory that all these currencies have to reval…if that were the case, you’d have a bunch of countries telling Iraq what to do and the dong has done it 18 times (?) – and it’s going down, down, down.

I’ve heard anywhere from 25 cents to 50 cents. If it gets above ½ cents they will start to lop zeros off their currency- -they have inflation problems, and million dollar bills on the street and they’d have to cut those off to get something manageable. If you have 9 million, you’d have about $450 US and could probably plan on making $20-30,000….it’s not going to be too high. ½ penny or you’ll start seeing Euro’s drop.

Q: 15% for long term capitalization?
A: IRS told me all currency is 15% and the reason is there’s no receipts….and I can justify that. A person told me about it 2 weeks ago and cashed in Arizona just to see the process and they didn’t ask her for a receipt, verification, not one thing, cashed her money and that’s it. If there’s no receipt, it’ll have to be 15%. It’s an investment so it’s not capital gain so I think I’m pretty safe, but like I said we’ll get
an attorney to get that ruling and post it.

Q: If they don’t’ do this on Sunday, do you think we’re looking at 6-8 months again?
A: No….understand it’s a political process and it won’t turn into a financial process until the ministers and S. C. are done…they can’t pay their people……that’s what they’re doing with the US…that’s a good boy, let’s take a time out, but there’s pressure and will continue until it’s done. If they have the summit and no one shows up, that’s where we could land up. If they have it and just 2 people don’t show, it’s an absolute failure….like Kuwait – the largest with oil– and the Saudi’s, the 2 big boys in the Arab League. It’s an utter failure if they don’t show up so there’s a lot going on.

It’s a process that may take a little longer because they have to do some political things….They have no clue if they think it’s going to happen in Sept. If they say that, get off the phone and don’t listen. I don’t understand why they’re even talking. They’re saying it if doesn’t happen at the Arab Summit, it’ll be in Sept….it’s going to get resolved and Maliki is fighting to delay it, but he went to Kuwait and I really think we’ll see it go through.

Q: Being that this is so historic for the first time investors..they say it’ll come out at 86 cents, but I can’t conceive it.
A: Do you know how they’re coming up with the 86 cents? They’re using the articles about the deleting of the zeros. Rightnow it’s .00086 -that’s the current rate of the IQD Take that off and you’ve got .86. The problem is that what do the zeros have to do with the rate. Shabibi said he had 70% of the zeros removed. How do you do that? Think about it.? They’re not even reading the articles….don’t worry about it. They’re going to remove those zeros and that’s it…they want the 1,000-5,000- and 10,000 off the street that’s 70%.

Shabibi is sweating it with inflation, the currency is moving on and everything’s happening like S. said it…then you have people coming out that it’s coming in at a dime…they don’t know. If they understood the articles, they’d see that.

Q: It’s hard to conceive and it’s because we’re not knowledgeable and it’s a big deal.
A: It’s GOTTA MAKE THE BUDGET WORK! It’s not on 86 cents. How to make up the difference? S said I’m going to change the exchange rate to make the budget. 20 billion – if it were 1:1 it would only be 20 billion….if I turn the dinar into dollars…if I have 20 billion to equal 90 billion dollars = 3 x the value of the dollar.

Just use common sense, listen to what they told us and watch what they do. The articles cannot be true…Shabibi said I’m going to change it to make it work, the UN came up with ??? billion dollars??? It’s 89 billion dollars – -100+ trillion – they’d have to print so much. Don’t let them lead you by the nose.

Q: I think you’re answering a question that everyone’s asking.
A: This is huge…huge!! Keep in mind it’s not costing Iraq to do it…they have to spend their money when they’re selling their oil back to the US Treasury – when we start spending the money, it racks up in Iraq. They’re broke now, and they tell you how broke they are – almost every article says they haven’t gotten paid. The problem is the pressure’s there…the political situation has to be resolved with the ministers and Strategic Council…and it’ll be done because they need it so bad!

Q: Even the Gatekeeper announced that Maliki resigned…thanks for keeping us grounded. Who do you believe if it wasn’t for you? What’s the progress of Erbil? Maliki will lose 2/3 of his power
A: No, that’s the Strategic Council. Remember Allawi had to agree to Erbil and there’s 18 points…there’s no documents, just points. They want to get the government together….SC and the oil, they’ve been diving up the Kurds and they haven’t gotten paid either. The bottom line is they’re in financial disarray and it’s because the US is so terrible at foreign diplomacy.

Q: So, we would have had an RV by now?
A: Yes, they would have gotten Maliki to do it …Obama needs it because he needs a breath of fresh air, but I don’t unde4rstaned his foreign policy…we’re talking about the SC and then we’re done. That’s what the national meeting was about –to get the guys together and at the end of the meeting to announce that it should be today, hoping no later than tomorrow –they announced the Defense Minister –that was a big one…It’s like giving a psycho killer an AK-47.

Q: What day?
A: When the bank opens…it
makes the best sense on Thursday at the end of the business day or Sunday when
they open up. If they don’t announce it today, or tomorrow or Friday – then it’s

Q: Will Iraq be released of the sanctions?
A: Arab Summit? No…not until they announce the RV, but I’m hoping they’ll do that sooner. Everyone will congratulate them…otherwise it’s another failure for the Iraqi’s.

Q: Gatekeepers announced Allawi being the Secretary General now.
A: Who cares what they call him? I think they’ll call him governor. We’ll see. They may have many names for him if this doesn’t get done. LOL

Q: What to look for?
A: Strategic Council, Ministers and you’ll see the RV…It’s such a political thing. It won’t happen until this is done.

Q: Inflation?
A: Shabibi has to keep the rate below 10% and he’s doing that now, but it won’t matter how much is out there when it happens.

Q: What’s the best guess for the next strong window?
A: It’s sort of a window because there’s a lot of pressure on Iraq – when the National Meeting started, we believe they’re going to announce these things and when we get that, that’s it. So, in the next few days, we should hear that along with the Erbil Agreement which is about the Strategic Council.

Q: When will you have your get-together in Austin?
A: No date – about 3 weeks after the RV. There’s nothing you need to pay…I don’t want anybody to feel like they have to do anything. I just want to get the best information so they don’t feel like they have no where to go. This is the first time with this type of money. You don’t have to worry about security in hotels, it’s not an issue. You don’t carry your dinar with you anyhow. You’ll have some of your money at least in the bank.

Q: Will it happen prior to the Arab Summit?
A: Yes, in order to have a success.

Q: Release of sanctions
A: They could still apply a rate to it, and they can change the rate no matter what even if not internationally traded – Saddam was 2.60 not 3 something.

Q: Is it possible for Maliki to resign?
A: Have you been to a sports game – keep yourself focus, keep pressing on and you’re going to win. He’s not giving up…he’s struggling to hold on to the Prime Ministership because he wants it to be a dictatorship – they’ve basically taken him out of his power so he’s not going to be the big dog and he has to work with Allawi and S.

Q: Currency?
A: You’re holding a currency that appreciates…it was 1800 and now it’s 1066…I get so tired …you’re going to be able to …Look, call Dinar Corp and see what you’ll lose. There’s no scam in the world…they take you high and dry. You have a currency in your hand that you may have to hold it longer. Breathe! The guys screaming have never been in an investment…Gold with a major return after 30 years…it was $300 an oz until 3-4-5 years ago. Every investment takes time.

A: The US has the control to do whatever they want…but they haven’t done a good job at that. Iraq says they want to come out with a $3 currency and the IMF has to approve it. It can’t be out of whack because they’re messing with a fiat currency – they try to keep it equal.

Q: How do you know it would be 3.2?
A: I said 3.41 – take the budget at 89.1 billion dollars / income they have is 26.1
billion total income – divide it = rate. It has to match.

Q: What about the article about the Saudi’s saying they may not attend the
A: That’s a big one…if the Saudi’s and Kuwaiti’s don’t get what they want, then it’s a bust for Iraq.

Q: Israel and Iran?
A: It won’t stop the RV.

Q: British Pound
A: It’s a fallacy

Q: Prosperity
A: I don’t believe in it

Q: Can Iraq RV without Erbil?
A: Yes, but they won’t.

Q: What would happen if they don’t have a currency?
A: Most will be at the airport, they say – they don’t have the funds, so they probably won’t even leave the airport and the US is probably picking up the tab.

Q: New Currency with Kurdish language?
A: Was printed in 2004 in the budget – -that’s why you don’t see it on the 25,000 budget and they were supposed to be off the streets.

Q: Summit deadline?
A: They’re trying to acknowledge Iraq is on their own, but really can’t with sanctions and that’s why the pressure’s on.

Q: Cashin at banks.
A: Theres not a single bank that will acknowledge they’ll cash in until it RV’s.

Q: Last year was different.
A: Yes, we’re waiting for the SC and Ministers.

Q: Will we hear about the ministers and Strategic Council before the RV?
A: Yes, within a day – Shabibi’s telling us what he wants.

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