Throwing The Hammer Down – Hammerman 9-12-12

9-12-2012 Intel Guru Hammerman From my airport source in Bagdad, Talabani should be back in Iraq by Sunday. Maliki will be flying to the U. S. on Monday to meet with Obama and the U. N. to attempt to get all of chapter 7 out of the way.

I am expecting announcements to come out of Iraq sometime after Wednesday night on into next week. I was told from 2 confident sources that on Switzerland forex the IQD was showing up at $7.13 and went up to $9.22, the VND was $.23 and went up to $.32.

I was told they expect the rate to go live between Wednesday night and next Wednesday, just telling you what I was told, but, we have been told this before. Can I confirm this, No!

High ranking UST people are telling me the live rate will be released between Wednesday morning and this coming Sunday, this is just what I am hearing. I fully believe it will happen before the 21st, not fact, just my opinion. We can’t ask for much more than where we stand right now.

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