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TONY – Good morning TNT!

T – we’ve got some good news, some great news and some super fantastic news!

MOD – after tonight there will be new numbers to high-capacity lines (5,000 each). As soon as we get those numbers they will be published everywhere.

T – I’m going to Q&A real quick after I share this info with you. Here’s the truth as I was given this morning: I got a call about the cards being activated (or not) over the weekend. [story about the blind man & the color of the sky].

T – where people get their info is different. That’s their info – doesn’t mean it’s wrong, it’s just from different sources. The cards DID go live in the Kurdistan region. Days before I told you the contractor’s cards were live.

T – how can one region be at 3.44 and another at 1166? Maybe they’re going in regions as they load the cards and they haven’t gotten to everyone yet. It’s not our country – this is how they do it.

T – over the weekend more and more cards came out loaded & activated and people are using their cards today, all over the weekend; they have changed their prices in the markets to reflect 3.44! Did Iraq have an RV? Yes, evidently they did.

T – they didn’t make a big deal about it because it’s not international yet. How long can it go?

T – how come there isn’t news all around the world about it? Because there are still some things going on and it was done to calm the masses. They knew they had to do something to calm everyone down.

T – We get lots of intel from 2nd and 3rd parties. But this time I went to the bank and talked to the security guy first hand and he knew. A neighbor of mine 3 doors down called me and told me his family is rich (in Iraq). This is not 3rd-hand intel. This is real life.

T – Why don’t we see it this moment? Could be a banking thing. It could show up in the next hour. We know it’s closer and closer each day because it’s now live.

T – there is a live rate in Iraq at 3.44 right now and the int’l rate will be higher.

T – Some people said this would never happen during Ramadan. We are still in Ramadan and it’s happening right now. They are spending it right now. Whether it was forced or by design, this is what is happening right now.

T – One bank has gone back to their regular schedule and another bank has been given the time it will happen today – but everybody is frustrated. Whatever happens next won’t involve Iraq. They have their RV now. It just has to go int’l.

T – There were some procedure changes at the bank. Some banks were notified yesterday that their CE procedures would change, that there’s no need to negotiate because the rates are so great. The competition in that has changed. The US did not do all of this so one bank would get rich.

T – the banks will be competitive and you can have a group at any bank you can choose. They will offer you more incentives and perks and change the spreads for you. Wealth Managers & Private Bankers will have the authority to negotiate up front.

T – it’s all good news & things happened in Dinarland over the weekend. If I need to address that I will.

[FLPatriot59] q & a beginning now c = caller | t = tony

C – Is it necessary to join a group (Generals64/Studley) to get the best rate? T – I talked to the guys doing the 800#. They’ll ask you for your name, zip code & how much IQD you have. At no time will they ask for your email. People trying to collect email address is ridiculous.

T – he’s telling me and you call that number (which will be out there for everyone) – all banks, not just WF, you can call the number of the bank you want to work with to setup your appointment. I don’t know what that group is doing, but I’m telling you what the bank guys are telling me.

T – I’m not trying to destroy anything anyone has done, just giving you the info as I have received it.

C – How concerned should we be about the integrity of the USD over the next few months? T – we should be okay. As I’ve told you before there are other things being done worldwide that will weaken the USD, so you just have to pay attention. It won’t be in the news. It has to take a dip… …for those countries to come up then it will level off.

T – the way the new currencies are printed and used inside and outside the country, will be more like Iraq (in-country rate and outside rate).

C – what is your best guess about the VND? T – somewhere between .50 and $1. But I know the ceiling rate is over $1.

C – Are you familiar with the private placement options and can you rank them? T – Reno guys are doing a private placement vs. a currency exchange; group rates when you join or form a group; street rate is what the banks will offer; then there are the exchangers.

[FLPatriot59] T – if the banks do what they said they’d do and raise the street rates, that levels the playing field for the exchangers.

C – what can we invest in that won’t depreciate? T – there are key currencies that will appreciate over time; under the new system under the IMF we will see this again. But I can’t talk about it today.

C – can you tell us more details about bank procedures? Tiers, leveling of the field, etc.? T – their tiers and the tiers you’re hearing about are not the same; there will be a street rate, a group rate, and a private bank rate. Inside the group rate there are 3 tiers. As soon as it RVs I can tell u

T – I will tell you have to beat the bank and test the 3 tiers so you’ll know what to look for in the future. Why is all this changing? To level the playing field – 30 days to do it, people said this was wrong. They pulled in their 3 zero notes and they can decide when to discontinue.

T – this morning, per a gov’t office, he said it’s signed and done and they’re changing the rules to level the playing field so this could get this done in a short period of time. Banks have put out a memo to their peopl that it’s going to be a short period to CE.

C – is the new rate in the double-digits? T – yes, it supposedly is. This is a fluid situation and the timelines are negotiable.

C – if it’s an in-country RV, can they double dip? T – where are they going to buy from? Only dealers in the US. CBI doesn’t care since it’s alerady sold.

C – the bank procedures have changed and there is the 30-day limit? T – yes, as of right now it is. It can change.

C – will this move from east to west when it happens? How will it move before it hits the USA? T – the moment it happens it will be everywhere. Timelines, i.e., Hawaii, markets opening/closing, etc. We know they’re trying to do something. They did RV there to help the situation over there.

T – i know other countries wanted this done. I have heard they want this done today. We can’t use anymore excuses like wait for the holiday over there, all those excuses are falling by the wayside. It’s not up to them anymore. I’m hearing it’s at the bank and it’s ready to go.

C – what criteria will you use to send out the text message? T – when my bank people tell me the rate is “live” I’ll know and I’ll send out the text.

C – How will we know the GCR is completed? T – when we see the RV, we will know. The currencies will change rates & it won’t be a period of days/weeks.

[FLPatriot59] {CALLER talking about how sure he was the RV would happen this past weekend, he picked out his house, Bentley, etc.

[operadinar] FLPatriot59 What is GCR please?

[FLPatriot59] Global Currency Reset

T – because Iraq is spending money, unloading ships, etc. the other countries are saying “let’s go” and they don’t want to wait.

C -the 2-minute call, will it include IQD or VND? T – just IQD. C – national news posted at CBI of sales of the USD rising on Sat & Mon? T – with everything over in the ME people can say it’s happened but need a safety net just in case.

T – they’ve changed their banking laws over there and they can’t take more than $10K outside the country; a lot of different things are happening over there. It will take time to begin spending and attitudes to change about their belief in the IQD.

C – if you had to guess, what’s the hold-up? T – don’t know. UST told me the banks have it, they’re ready. Banks are ready. It went live briefly in the banks and they celebrated in their offices on Friday. Don’t know what the holdup is. Whales are NOT CE’ing. it was a live test at 3AM.

T – everybody keeps saying it’s going to happen today, so we are still waiting.

C – do you honestly think this could go another 5-10 days? T – I don’t think it could. Now that they’ve done in-country to calm the disruptions there, they could wait to go int’l. But other countries are upset so there’s no reason not to go.

C – Maliki can’t stop it? T – correct, he can’t do anything to stop it.

C – regarding the floors and ceilings on the rates, is there one for the general people who just walk in the bank? T – the floor is as low as it can go, and the ceiling is as high as it can go. They can negotiate with you anywhere in-between.

T – the rate the bank sets is nothing to do with what they will offer you. It it comes out at $10 they can still give you $13 if the ceiling is $18 (fictitious numbers!).

C – does all of this happen within the 30 days? T -I alwasy felt it could happen and last for 30 days. They see their rate coming out super-high in the first 30 days then, not that high again for 4-5 years.

C – if the VND is at a $1 celing, can I ask for $1.50? T – if you ask for the correct rate they are supposed to give it to you. You can go in and negotiate. But that will happen only with the private bankers who has a lot of VND.

T -they can negotiate the spread and are authorized to go down to 0.

C – what is the rate for outside country? T – it’s 3.44 on everybody’s card. Don’t know the rate here. It’s over $3 and I’m told it’s in double-digits. They want it so attractive you’ll run in and take what they offer.

C – timeframe? T -should have seen it yesterday. Banks are saying they’re waiting on the UST. UST is saying we’ve already given it to them. Gov’t agencies are mad at each other because they think each other is holding it up.

C – since this has already happened, they can’t reverse anything and stop it, can they? T – no, it’s only a matter of time for it to go int’l.

C – Good confirmation they have the money and are spending it? T – yes, my neighbor, merchants in IRaq, people in Parliament, older contacts, GOI contacts, etc. are confirming it’s happening throughout the entire country.

C – any good reason this could drag out before going int’l? T – I don’t see anything and I”m not told anything. Looking at it logically, if we’re looking at last week when China, Russia, etc. is telling the US and Iraq they’re going to force the RV & now it’s happened in Iraq…..

C – any good reason this could drag out before going int’l? T – I don’t see anything and I”m not told anything. Looking at it logically, if we’re looking at last week when China, Russia, etc. is telling the US and Iraq they’re going to force the RV & now it’s happened in Iraq…..

…. how can we come back 3 days later and say countries haven’t come to an agreement?? They wanted it done last week.

C – if it’s not Iraq, UST and banks are ready, who do we think will give the “go ahead?” T – supposedly the IMF is done, it’s been in the system 3-4 days and is working because they’re spending it. Why we haven’t seen it we don’t know.

C – are there any indicators we should look at it, i.e., announcement from JL? Any true indicators? T – I’ve heard about the announcement supposedly at noon (where? which coast?). C – are we truly just waiting or is there anything we should watch for? T – we’re told it’s done.

T – one bank is telling their people it’s today. Another bank is sending their people home. It can’t be anything major causing us to wait after what happened at the UN last week.

[FLPatriot59] {caller wrote tony a song,….}

C – if the tariffs are in effect, doesn’t that mean it’s already int’l? T – should because they’re unloading ships, but we don’t know if they’re going to back-date the tariffs.

C – what do you know about the Chinese bond? T – every week they have to fly to Reno and sign more docs, more gold shipped around, flying the elders in, etc. It’s always a different excuse every week. It doesn’t make any sense to me.

T – I’m not trying to be cyncial but we keep hearing the same thing over and over and nothing every changes when they sign 2 more documents……

C – please elaborate how an even exchange and tax issue will work. T – All I know is we are doing a currency exchange and our gov’t is trying to put a 1-2% tax in place by the end of the year. And I’m hearing the WF group is taking 11% to cover taxes and fees.

C – how can the IRS tell us anything over $200 will be considered a capital gains tax? T – we won’t know until they actually announce it.

C – My concern is regarding the groups. Is there going to be a special rate for groups? T – I think the group think is still there regarding that one bank we hear about; the other banks are going to negotiate group rates as well. They watch the boards and see this is causing a bottleneck…

…that’s why they’re trying to level the playing field. Once it RVs I’ll have the rates for all the banks, not just one bank.

T – seems as though the group thing is being phased out. T – WF is not pushing it out there. But we hear other banks saying they will be competitive. 1 bank told their people they could not match the WF $12 rate. Today they took that away & said the rate is going to be so high you won’t need to negotiate. They will be competitive on their own.

C – Will dealers/currency exchangers have the same rates as banks with the UST banking them? T – Let me clarify first: the banks are saying the rate will be outrageous and everybody will be competitive. If that’s true then the exchangers will have that rate as well unless they go with the CBI rate.

C – what gives the bank the authority to level the playing field? T – first, the exchangers are sending their money back to the CBI. Our banks notes are backed by the UST. It is the UST telling them what we are doing because we have cut the time frame down.

C – regarding the 800#, will you be putting that number on your site? T – if they give it to me I will put it up there.

C – is that 800# ONLY for groups or can I call it just for myself? T – if you walk into a bank they will give you an 800# to call and make an appointment & they’ll cash out a small amount. The other 800# you get from one of these sites is for the group rate.

C – If this has RV’d in Iraq, why hasn’t the new value shown in my Warka account? T – if you have an int’l account maybe that’s why it hasn’t shown, but I”m not sure. Trying to get the answer to that.

C – Commodity Exchange vs. Currency Exchange? I’ve heard the WF/China exchange will be a Commodity Exchange. T – I’ve not heard that so we’ll put it out there and maybe someone can help.

C – Not sure of state income tax? T – there might be residency requirements for 6 months so you need to check this out for the state you are interested in.

C – You said on Friday we can’t see how this could go more than 10 days. When did that clock start? T – the 10 days is not for us, it was for Iraq. But it’s done for them now so they don’t explode; they are not protesting although some are. It’s not about us anymore. Most have calmed down in Iraq.

C – With an event as large as it is in Iraq this past weekend (cards activated, ships being unloaded, etc.). how does this get overlooked by other intel people on other sites who say cards are not activated, no RV over there, etc.? Are they blind, deaf, etc? Vast difference in the info.

T – using the analogy of the blind man with 10 friends, you ask all of them the color of the sky. 8 of them say blue, 2 say pink. Same with the intel providers. 2 of the 10 will say something different. The difference is that I don’t call 1 guy in Iraq and ask him about cards & rates……I call 8-10 people on base, off base, cab drivers who are friends of mine, merchants, etc. They’re all telling me the same thing.

C – regarding the 30-day window, it’s ridiculous. Some will let it run out. T – it’s supposed to be a 2-year process and we’ve already burned thru 1 year collecting the notes. They had a plan but circumstances change and it got volatile there and something else had to be done.

T – they are telling me why they’re doing what they’re doing, raising the rates, to get it done. We will get the highest rate for 30 days. We’re the only country with citizens authorized to do this and it can change tomorrow. But I’m giving you the news I have been told today.

C – thanking everybody….praying for everybody….

C – I’ve been hearing a lot about trust accounts. I’m told we’re not supposed to co-mingle funds, i.e., fiat money, etc. and I have an empty trust account with no activity. Do we have to setup a brand new account at the time of the CE? T – Wrong info. You don’t have to setup new accounts.

T – people are presenting things to you to help, they deserve to be rewarded. Just be honest and and don’t try to scare people into doing things.

C – question about Okie’s post about the bonds, Chinese, etc.? T – I know nothing about that. I mean really NOTHING about that.

T – we’re just waiting to hear when this goes int’l. They are monitoring our calls and listening. C – whover is monitoring this call please get this done!

C – where is the doc from the CBI about the 10-day in-country and 30-day out country? T – it was a news article from Turki put out last week that he was ready to RV but the gov’t wasn’t allowing him to do it. He mentioned the 10-day and 30-day himself.

C – could this be a motivational thing (30-days) and then give us 60 days? 30-Days is really tight. T – Turki put it in his article.

C – on Friday you said something would happen really big after the RV. Is it good or not so good? T – We won’t be excited; it’s something over there which would justify the 3- days. It will want us to hurry up and CE in the 30-days. Remember, it’s the ME and Iran got a new president. Look at Lybia!….look what happened to Syria. Look at Egypt when their guy was removed. I can’t say anything else other than pay attention!

C – are you signed up with a group? T – no.

C – question abou banks taking unfair advantage and someone going after them. T – the changes were made to make sure the rates were available to everyone, to level the playing field. I did not say the banks would give everyone the group rate. If the CBI rate is $9, for example, the bank should……..give that rate. But if a special interest group gets $11-$12 with restrictions/perks, that is a big difference.

T – the group rate will be good for some, but read b4 you sign anything. Explore brokerage accounts, know what it means to have 20-25% of your money locked for a period of time.

C – if these cards are activated at that rate, would we not see that on the ISX? T – you are not going to see it until it goes international

C – What sites will we see it on (4X, etc.) when it RVs? T – you won’t see it on 4X. The banks are going to post it on their sites. This is not going to be breaking news in the USA. It’s going to be just as quiet here as it was there.

C – when is Maliki’s term up? T – sooner than he thinks.

T – people were issued their cards months ago. That’s why they were so upset because until now they couldn’t use them. If you have friends with relatives in Iraq tell them to call and verify. It DID RV IN IRAQ at 3.44 and their cards are active and they are using them.

LAST CALLER – the “coming out” rate will be the CBI rate? T – yes. C – the rate I’ll see with my dealer is the CBI rate? T – they’re going with the market rate, which is NOT the same as the CBI rate. It is driven by 4X or banks. Currency dealers will not negotiate with you. Their rate is their rate

C – I heard today the dealers will be open 24/7. True? T – hope it’s true so they can compete with the banks.

T – We have some new numbers for you guys: they do not need access codes. 209-255-1500 (Q&A for 1,000 peeps); listen only (4,000 peeps) – 518-556-1500. These will be on the website, chat room and Forum.

T – we should now have all 10,000 people covered between the phones and the BlogRadio feed.

T – FINAL THOUGHTS: I think we’re waiting, everything is done. I’m hearing over there they’re done. The system is working or it wouldn’t be working. I’m hoping to get our call today. I’ve already gotten texts during this call. Enjoy your day!

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