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tony tntTNTTony Fri. CC Recorded Link and Notes by FlPatriot59 at I4U

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(Notes from FlPatriot59 at I4U…..Notes start about 10 minutes into call)
(Per Request we will also post the official notes from TNT in a bit)

T – We have over 10K people in the chat rooms with only 3-4 mods. Montana asked if we could close at 2AM because of what’s going on in there when there’s no Mods. There are 16K+ of you and only 3-4 of them. I’d like to pay them but they don’t get paid. You can understand.

T – I don’t agree with everybody on our site and what is posted on our site. Like this xxxxxxxxxxx – I don’t have any problem with them starting their own site as long as they don’t try to get our people and then talk about us and post on our about their new calls. I don’t think so. That doesn’t make sense and that’s not okay. It speaks to the character of people who come here with an agenda. Those are the things you should watch for.

T – I did a blast yesterday and some people complained it didn’t really say anything. That’s why I only do a blast when I have something to say. This may be the last time I talk to you guys, so I wanted to get this to you.

T – info since yesterday has changed 5-6 times up until 10 minutes ago. Yesterday, they were going to wait until the meetings with Russia were completed and see how everything was going. Some of the info we heard yesterday is that everything is great from the IMF, World Bank, etc. I got so much stuff that I couldn’t put it on the boards.

T – China got involved with the discussions. Those things probably shouldn’t be discussed here. There is an agreement right now, but the verbiage needs to be finalized, which could go another 10-12 days for the agreement to be worked out. They’re all in agreement that the RV is going forward. It will all work out in the end and they all believe that.

T – The big thing about Mtn Goat’s post that the RV wouldn’t happen until Oct 2 means everyone has different info. It’s a big puzzle and perhaps their puzzle changed. On Monday BoA employees involved in the situation were told that if it didn’t happen on Monday it wouldn’t happen until Oct. 2. I gve you some dates. The first was 9/10 and it didn’t happen. The next is the 16th, which is Monday. As we go thru this, how many times have they been called in?

T – We have to remember this is a fluid situation, which is why you’re seeing so much different info. Some only look at the banking sector, others look at the gov’t sector, etc. If you only listen to 1 source you’ll only have perspective.

T – All of that could’ve been said yesterday but it all changed today. I got confirmation again this morning because of how the currency flow would affect the rest of the world if something happened in the ME. Some are saying it doesn’t have anything with the ME, but it does.

T – the World Bank and UST with IMF last night and this morning and decided that things could proceed as scheduled. The other dates were 9/26 or 10/2. But all that changed this morning. The banks are ready. Additional bank training is going on today. I have my own theory about what kind of training they’re actually receiving. They’re supposed to start on Monday.

T – this is purely speculation on my part, but it may not just be currency training. Everybody in DC is hearing the same thing that it’s freed up, loosened up. So they’re still saying to look every morning. While we’re discussing it, we’re looking to see if the bank people have been called in or not. Unless they’re there, it’s not going to happen. That’s one of the things we’re looking for.

T – this is purely speculation on my part, but it may not just be currency training. Everybody in DC is hearing the same thing that it’s freed up, loosened up. So they’re still saying to look every morning. While we’re discussing it, we’re looking to see if the bank people have been called in or not. Unless they’re there, it’s not going to happen. That’s one of the things we’re looking for.

T – Regarding the court injunction, world court, etc. we still have not seen it yet. I did get that there was a Tribunal requested by the US to go back 3 steps. They were denied. I was looking for a “go” and I got it. Bank personnel went in at 7AM this morning. They are waiting for a call. Then suddenly right before this call they were told to be ready and man their stations. 20 minutes later they were told to hold up. That’s how fast the info changes and how fast somebody was told to make a decision, we might not be there yet.

T – could happen today, could happen Monday, but NOBODY is saying anything about October. According to everybody the situation is at a point where the RV could go ahead and be processed. The number are still $23+ and $3+ on the screens right now. We’re waiting to see if they’re pushed to the teller screens today. We get that one little notice and we’re ready to go.

T – I wanted you to get an overall picture of how this works. There are good and bad people thinking about themselves. I don’t mind telling you that I didn’t put together a group because I have my own IQD which will be more than enough for me. But that’s my position. If others want to get paid, I don’t have a problem with that, but tell the truth about it.


C – You’ve said we don’t know who is flipping the switch. Is that true? T – my complete understanding is that it’s between the UST and the IMF. The argument is which plan goes forward. This morning the World Bank had a concern with the flow of the currency (not just the rate) and they needed to feel good about that first so some countries would not be cut off. With the pause in the situation they now feel it can be accomplished at this time.

C – Mtn Goat said high-rate = bad guys; low-rate = good guys. You don’t agree with that, do you? T – I think any rate is a good thing as long the majority of us are doing the right thing with the money. It benefits me more for it to come in low because I can do more with it.

[FLPatriot59] C – you said people at the banks are in and ready. Why if the switch won’t be flipped until midnight-5AM? T – they want to be prepared and obviously don’t believe that. As soon as it happens they want to bring the 800# live for appointments. If it RVs between 7AM and 9PM their goal is have the people in the banks to cash out.

C – on a previous call you mentioned a 3rd country with a mandate to pass the RV. Was it China or maybe Iraq? Finally, doesn’t the debt ceiling need to be addressed before 10/1? T – It wasn’t Iraq. They had 2 options: RV then problem, or extend until after the ME issue is resolved. By 10/1 one way or another it will be worked out.

C – The Mosul Airport is closed. Rv related? T – don’t know, but we do know we were told the phone lines would go dead for 2 days. But today is not over yet.

C – how much of this delay is because of Syria or CBI? T – I don’t think the leadership of the CBI has anything to do with it. Iraq is not holding this up – they want their money as bad as anybody. Syria was not a part of the delay for the past several months but they knew it eventually would, which is why they were trying to accomplish it before anything happened.

T – Before the Syria issue the holdup was the US holding it up for higher rates and other things. But for the last 5 days Syria has been an issue. But as of yesterday that pressure was relieved enough for the GCR to move ahead.

C – is the weekend a bad time for this to happen, or does it matter? T – the initial plan was for a weekend, but now they just want this done. They want the switch flipped before something else happens.

C – you referenced waiting for the rates to push thru to the teller screens and most banks aren’t open past 1-2 PM tomorrow. T – I don’t see that as part of the issue because most of you aren’t going to a bank to CE. They’re using personal banking centers, mortgage centers, etc. so I don’t think that’ll be an issue. If it does happen they’re going to be open until 11PM anyway.

The first available time the get they will make this happen regardless of when it is. They call people down to their cash-out center, meet until they get the word so they can then go to their individual cash-out centers. They’ve done this a couple of times. They’ve gone to the branches and verified it was pushed to the screens but they just didn’t have the authorization codes.

C – so there are people in the call centers right now? T – yes. C – I keep hearing October and that Mort guy on TNT is saying the Tiers are going thru and the street rate isn’t happening for 45 days. T – Not happening. I know folks in Reno and they’re not getting paid.

C – please clarify that the one bank that said if it didn’t happen by THIS Monday it wouldn’t happen until October? T -That is what they said. All the sources I’m talking to have been given a green light and they don’t want to wait for something else to go wrong.

T – Today would be the date for the UN Operational Rates to post (for the 15th). They aren’t giving 48 hours notice that the rates are changing. I don’t know it’s NOT happening right now: bank people are in, everything’s in place, others were notified before our call so it could happen in the next 30 minutes.


C – on the geopolitical aspect of this, do you know if any of the countries involved in the Syria conflict own IQD? How much could they be using the fact that we own IQD to keep this from happening? T – everyone of them do. The simplest thing the US gov’t could do would be to cancel 13301. But they are counting on us doing this to create a new middle class. The other countries want this just as bad as we do for their own economies. Remember, it was Russia and China who went to the UN Floor demanding it get done now. They were mad that it was being held up.

[FLPatriot59] TRANSCRIBER CLARIFICATION: Tony said everyone of the countries involved in the Syria conflict own IQD.

T – Russia and China are not trying to stop us from receiving money. The situation is stopping it at this point, specifically the World Bank’s concerns about the flow of currency worldwide. But this morning that concern was abated and they said “let’s take advantage of the time now.”

C – Regarding the Dodd-Frank Act, there is a part of the act that our money is at risk in any banks because in the DF Act we are made creditors and they can take our money, regardless of what type of account it is. You become an unsecured creditor. T – If you have 100’s of millions of USD, where are you going to put it? Wherever you put it it’s still in a bank and vulnerable. The only way you’re not vulnerable is to buy assets (precious metals, jewelry, etc) and you take physical possession of these.

C – could we not form our own private state bank? T – yes, you can buy a bank for $3M. Then you can go in there and do sweep accounts and make money the way banks do and be in charge of your own currency. You still have to know the business and have the right people running it for you.

C – Regarding the stock market, why would you want to build on shakey ground? T – what is going to happen when all these new investors go out and buy stock and affect the economy by the way you invest…and give banks control of your money. For the 1st 6 months it will be a wild road. C- recommends invest in gold/silver.

T – I recommend you read “The Creature from Jekyll Island”, “Confessions of an Economic Hitman” and “Who Moved My Cheese”

C – What did you mean when you said the World Bank was concerned about the “flow of the money”? T – what would happen if one day none of us bought anything that day and spent 1 dollar? Money needs to flow continuously and currency exchanges need to happen. If we didn’t spend and our currency stopped flowing, the world’s economy would collapse. The the flow is adjusted, what happens to trading partners? If Syria is Russia’s #3 trading partner and we cut the flow of money to Russia, which affects China, etc. imports and exports are all inter-connected. We’re not just talking about 1 country. There are a lot of ramifications to having an RV.

T – now they feel the discussions and agreements are at a place where they can continue this process and not worry about it.

C – Who controls the UST? Obama? IMF? T – the UST is run by Jack Lew, who serves at the pleasure of the POTUS, Obama.

C – I’m Hugs The Clown and want to give you a hug, CALLER – relating waiting for the RV to having a baby, labor, prenatal, stuff, etc……….

TRANSCRIBER’S NOTE: The current caller (after the clown) is encouraging peeps to help wounded vets.

C – is there still a currency smuggling problem? T – yes, new laws were put into place. More important than that is the 30 day limit. They think we all should be able to get to the banks within 30 days for the exchanges. They are tracking every dinar. We are the only country whose citizens are exchanging IQD. Therefore, they needed a method to track our IQD. In my opinion, until someone lets me know the 30-day limit for CE is still in effect.

C – What do we know about which countries are in the 1st basket? T – I don’t know how many but I did get a list of the 13 countries and others will go later. It was supposed to be 3 baskets, now it’s down to 2 and could be just 1. There are some countries that won’t revalue for another 6 months since this has dragged out so long. We know the IQD, VND and the Rupiah are in the 1st basket. I

T – except for the top tier countries, some of them are having big jumps, especially 3rd world countries. You’ll see more people buying these other currencies from banks than from exchangers (BIG HINT).

{TONY is talking again about others who make money off you, selling you business opportunities.}

C – your gut feeling personally, how close is it for this weekend? T – I feel good. Everything is in position. The calls this morning said it could happen any moment and we’re in great position. Have things happened since I got on this call? Probably. There was a pause in the action and they’re saying let’s get it done while we can. They’re saying now is our chance to move, per the majority of the people involved in this. I’m very hopeful and feel good about it.

C – how hard is it to push it thru? Is it a code? A button? How long does it really take to do the deed? T – it takes 2 minutes to put in authorization codes to push it to the branch screens. I’ve already been told that even if it’s there on the teller scrreen, they can go in and issue SKR’s at the local bank level if they assume the risk and responsibility.

T – I try and bring you the best info I can so you can make decisions for your own life, knowing there is a rainbow and pot of gold at the end of that rainbow that will change your life. When you’re down, just know there is a better future.


Q – how could Sterling be at 3.44 and banks at double digits? T – Frank tells me if that’s the case he’ll be in line, too.

Q – Does the banking cabal want the RV or fighting the GCR? A – The people who own the Fed Res. own 160 different banks, therefore they benefit 160 more times if they do have a GCR.

Q – Will 11% in the super group be the only tax? A – according to them, yes

Q – Re: Mtn Goat A – I’m not hearing what MG is hearing. I put what I’m hearing all together and see if it makes sense in my puzzle. Everyone collects their own info and I don’t challenge the intel of another person as I don’t know what level they are getting their info from. I’m not mad at them because they might still be working on a piece of the puzzle that happened 2-3 years ago. I try to look at the big picture and not get emotional about it all.

T – we have answered all the questions, except giving you the time for today. There’s always a possibility for it to be there. I don’t see it happening if they haven’t called anyone in. Even tho I hear 1-5PM is the best time globally, I don’t get excited when people say look for it in the morning.

T – I’m going to enjoy the day and look for it. If something exciting happens I’ll do another blast. Hopefully what I’m hearing is that we’ll REALLY enjoy the weekend!


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