TNT Tony – It’s All Good 9-4-13

today is a good dayMax says, “Ok, from now on I’m referring to TNT Tony Dinar as the “It’s All Good” guy. Today is another great day! It’s one thing to be optimistic, it’s another to perpetuate falsehoods. We report, you decide!”

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(Notes from FlPatriot59 at I4U Chat:)

TONY – Good morning everybody!

T – First, let me give an explanation for yesterday’s problem. Yesterday we started using new numbers (high capacity) and our boards kept freezing up. Free Conference Call told us we are the first to hit 5,000 ever and we had over 13,000 on the call. They don’t have an answer and have never had anyone meet that high capactiy. So they’re working on that problem. We decided to switch and have the call-in line and use the radio to listen.

T – yesterday we did the call late for personal reasons, as well as we were getting info that would have been exciting for you. But the info today is exciting as well. Some said I sounded a little guarded yesterday and it was a different call. Don’t let the troublemakers cause problems here, just ignore them.

T – don’t forget that over 13,000 people trying to get on calls, plus the PC folks, are getting info for free – they’re not paying for it.

T – Let’s enjoy our site and be a family. Other sites bring in thousands every month; we do get donations in but not like the other sites. We are free and we’re going to get the newbies who don’t know what’s going on. Remember, you were a newbie once, too! I think we’re the best site because we’re adults and we respect everybody

T – I’m going to tell you what you really want to hear: people are at the banks, they were told to be in at 7AM and others at noon today. More people than have ever been in the banks at one time are there right now. Maybe they’re testing their alert systems, etc. Cash-out centers are fully manned today and they have been disbursed to their individual banks today. I’ve heard that from every level ALL OBSTACLES have been removed and is ready. Now we wait.

T – Never have they done what they did today: brought EVERYBODY in. The rates are showing up on the boards. Unfortunately I can’t tell you if the teller can see them, but the ones who need to see them can. They are still in the high double-digits, tho not sure how high when it’s live. But you’ll love it regardless. Everything is a “go” at every level. There are no known obstacles – it has been removed from the political side.

T – there is a plan for when it goes live – a definite number of hours from when it goes live until you can go in. It is the same day, even if it opens up at midnight.

T – the tier situation is still there for one particular bank, but I cannot tell you what they are. I don’t want you buying IQD to reach certain tier levels. I’m excited, really excited about today. After 3AM last night we heard the time for today and it’s coming up!


C – Why is there so much prestige to be the first to announce the RV? T – there is absolutely none and I’m glad you asked. My real honor would be to get the word that it’s live, but if not I’d love to call Okie and let him announce it. He’s trying to do the best he can do and I don’t think he’s ever been malicious or tried to take advantage of anyone. I’m going to call him before I send out the text to everybody. That’s my plan. Everybody has worked hard and we all deserve it. I’m not dealing with egos. I don’t care who announces it.

C – how many numbers are we going to get to call for an appointment? How are the others going to know who aren’t in a group? A – 3M people won’t be calling in. They won’t be all calling at one time. The word will spread slowly. There will be no news announcement. The banks are ready to go and they know we are on the internet and the boards will start calling right away, then it will go viral. But 3 Million peeps will not be calling in the 1st hour/day.

C – people need to remember that without the USA, no one would have dinar. T – this opportunity to save our economy has evolved to save the whole world. Good people have lost their lives over this.

CALLER – Bank Story: “This morning I went to my bank for unrelated bank business. My private banker knows I have IQD and her family has it, but she doesn’t. She asked how the IQD was going and I told her we were just waiting. She called a private wealth manager over and I told her I had IQD, VND, IDR. Then she called another suit over who asked what I had. I told them both I was planning to CE at WF as part of a group. They said “NO!” This is your home – Chase – and we are bigger than WF. I have a 100K note in my purse and showed them. They took it to the teller who checked the rate: $4.25/25K. They told me it’s close and they would call me, rather than me calling WF. I want all to know it’s coming, it’s here, and I can hardly wait.”

C – you addressed a question yesterday about forcing a rate to come out, so I’ll ask it again. It seems some folks get to this point when hedge fund people are willing to buy you out for half of what it’s worth. T – Some people have gotten SKRs and bank loans against those SKRs. But not all are supposed to know about it, since you can’t do anything about it anyway. I got calls that people are CE today at $5 in Vegas because they know what’s going on today and tomorrow.

C – BANK STORY: went to my banker yesterday and my Personal Banker said they are very aware of what’s going on. Even at BoA the banker mentioned to me that a lot is going on when before they previously had never mentioned it. T – I want you to know that we’ve been hearing this forever and we knew there was negotiating room. A WF rep offered me 3.44 two months ago; BoA offered me $8 when it was saying it would come in at 3.44, and Chase said he’d pay higher right out the door. I personally like Chase because they do more IPOs than any other bank.

C – why would these people offer to buy your IQD for $5-6 when they can buy from dealers? T -I know a guy who put in multi millions, had to get dealers approval, then banker, huge deal. maybe easier to offer you $5 & then write a check tomorrow

C – what about the good guy/bad guy scenario that Mtn Goat mentioned (low rate = good guys, hi rate = bad guys won)? T – everyone wanted a high rate but we are the ones pushing for it. If we do what we’re supposed to do then we get the high rate. If it comes in low then it means they got tired of waiting and pushed it through. Right now I’m still hearing double-digits.

T – Post-RV the USD will go down and the economy will take a hit. During that time if you don’t know what to do you will lose it. You need to be smart about it – put 50% aside for taxes and put 25% for personal spending.

C – is this going alone (IQD) or is the GCR? T – I think we’ll see the GCR.

C -anything about the VND and IDR? T – yesterday teh VND was $3 but I haven’t heard anything about the IDR. But eventually it’s supposed to be over $1 – eventually!

C – what about the 30 day CE limit – still in place? T – yes, as far as I was told. The reason is to thwart the terrorist and smugglers.

C – Any info about the currency traders in Canada? T – I only know about one currency trader in Canada. But there’s a thread in the Forum for our Canadian friends.


Q – what will the RV do for the commodities market? A – don’t know but they should be getting advanced notice about this.

Q – what is the criteria for the IMF to push the button? A- as of this day all are in agreement and we are in the next level of readiness. The only higher level is the actual RV.

T – yesterday we were told all systems were “go” and the info today is “it’s on the way.” We just await an authorization code at the bank level.

Q – Question about FRN, co-mingling currencies, etc.? A – all other currencies, except the IQD/IQN, are FRN. The IQD/IQN will be treated as UST notes. DC said to keep them separated! They are trying to set up a 1-2% tax for the IQD and the rest will be taxed at 39%. We’re not sure how it will work but sound info says to be safe rather than sorry and keep them separate.

Q – Wait until the CE to open an account? A – Most PG/Wealth Mgrs will have you set up new accounts so tellers don’t have access to them. They will help you do all of this at the time of CE. You really don’t need to set up accounts ahead of time.


C – Do we know what the pre-tax amount will be? T – no idea, don’t know it’s going to be taxed.

C – thanking the mods, montana setting up Vegas, t-shirts, etc.

C – If it takes 30 days to get it done and we end up with a $25K note after 30 days, will it be null and void? T -that’s what they’re saying. Unless you take it to Iraq, no one can walk around outside our country with large bills. In order to cut off the smugglers and terroriets, they have set 30 days.

C – If it comes in at 3.44 will it float after 30 days? T – no it will float much quicker than 30 days. A bird in hand is worth 2 in the bush. You need to make a plan and decide how much are you willing to gamble with: take what I can get now or wait until the last day and risk not getting processed.

C – banks/brokers have same rates? T – banks initially had more negotiating power, depednding on the rate. With double digits they’re telling us they won’t negotiate. Some banks have trained people to not let their customers walk out with their IQD. Depends on their negotiation skills.

C – what about the rate of the rupiah and the dong? what time of the day do you stop looking for the RV? Is there a certain time? Is there something that could stop it today or this week? T – the rate of each currency is based on the country’s resources, minerals, assets, economies. That is what sets the rate – it has nothing to do with one compared with another. I look for it from 1AM – 5AM EDT. That makes a lot of sense to me, with CBI and prayer times. Banking people look for it from 2PM -6PM EDT evenings. Those are the 2 optimum times we look for it. There is always something that could stop – I don’t know what it could be at this point, but there’s always something until it’s done. All we can do is give a window.

T – You guys know I talk to a lot of people on a lot of different levels in different countries. I was talking to one earlier today and said that we can’t tell everything because some are not ready to receive or understand everything. Info coming from the 4th floor is different from what comes from the 10th floor. I have to get the info from the different floors and put it all together.

T – they are all on standby or called in and are hearing 1 or 3PM. When I get the same info from 2-3 of them then I report it to you. I can’t get mad at them because you don’t hear what I know and I can’t tell you what I’m hearing from sources. When people get frustrated because things can’t be proven, it’s not about proving anything until the dinar RVs. It’s all about info as it’s going on. You are here for info to find out about the process and hopefully learn a lot.

C – I’m from Canada and I have learned a lot about this and world events. Do the bad people really need or want your money? T – let’s explore that. If the bad people own the Fed Reserve, actually much more than the Fed Res. Let’s say they own a portion of the CBI for countries as well. If these people are the omes who are putting the GCR together, why do you think they need our money anyway when they own everything anyway? If we weren’t supposed to be here we wouldn’t be here. They can change the laws. Not to say individuals are lower levels are not trying to make money off you, but the PTB in the big picture are not.

C – I am Canadian and am wondering what do we do since they ask at the border if we cross. We live on the Michigan border. T – read the Section in the Forum for Canada.

C – was snoring loudly.

C – what are your top 5 currencies we should be looking into? I’m looking at the Colombian Peso, Indian Rupee, Turkish Lira, and Mexican Peso. T – the rupee is the only one on my list. The real RV for the Zimbabwe series B won’t come until January 2014.

C – What makes you more positive than in the past? T – this should’ve gone several times. The only thing different this time is that I get all the banks on the same page. The C/out centers, security, 3-letter agencies, etc. all telling me the same time. Those are the things that build my confidence. Right now everybody is giddy and they’ve never had that many people together in the daytime at the same time. Something is going on. Could it still not go? Absolutely. But they’re gearing up for something, getting everybody in today. I’ve gotten info giving me 3-4 separate times all in the same window, given to me by different peeps.

T – it’s not just bank info and not just US info. That’s what I’m saying – they’ve all come together and are all on the same page. They’re ready.

C – what is the difference between putting money in NIB accounts and interest-bearing acccounts? T – I don’t know. We can get a banker in here to answer that. C – they changed the rules 1-2 months ago and now they’re the same. T – If the rule changed recently then I don’t know if there is a reason. If the USD is adjusted we were told CDARS would be adjusted accordingly. i don’t see us taking a haircut like Greece anytime in the near future, especially when the RV happens. We’ll have enough to pay off national debts with the RV. Why would you want interest on your money if it’s not protected.

C – $10 mill in bank and they offer you 1% it would be an insult when they are loaning it out at 17%. T- and they are making 1% overnight.

C – would you CE with WF or another bank, or with Sterling/DB? T – if the rates were the same if wouldn’t make a difference. I would call, put in an order and be done with it. No lines. They will be competitive with the public bank rates and won’t negotiate. I’ve always been comfortable with DB/Sterling. With the banks, I like Chase because of their IPOs. BoA offered me $8 out the door. It’s all about the money – how fast can I get it and put it to work?

T – Am I confident about DB? Yes, I have no problem with them.

C – you mentioned CDARS and most don’t know what that is? Would you open a CDARS account? T – it’s not for me because I’ve lost a lot of money letting others investing for me. Nobody can take care of my money like I can. But that’s not for everybody.

T – I have a personal problem with bankers/wealth managers telling me how to make money when their own boss did not trust you to tell you this program was here. C – never let a broke person tell you how to get rich.

C – You mentioned 2-6PM and 3-5AM. Are those EDT? T – Yes.

C – We’ve been hearing about Baker and the Admiral in Reno. Who is this and is it real? T – I have known who the Admiral is and we laugh about it. I’ve talked to him on several occasions. Why would the entire world wait for a single man in Reno to get paid before we could CE?

C – I’ve given out several gift letters and want to know about what instructions to give? T – they’re all sitting in one room and I’m presenting to them. My big thing is “this is what I have and what I’m doing with it – you do what you want to do and when it hits zero it’s done.” I’m going to layout the same plan: 50% for taxes, 25% for bills, 25% for investment. Don’t forget your 10% tithe off the top. A $100K IQD could be over $1M, based on the rates I’m hearing. These folks will start helping others and then they go broke. It won’t last forever.

T – I’m going to leave you with this today: I am excited. I am looking for something to happen shortly, whether it’s today, tomorrow, or by the end of the week. I’m hearing from multiple sources worldwide the same timeframe. The system is completed and a human factor is all that is left. We could be doing another call later today, so look for nothing but good things today. END OF CALL!

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