TNT Tony Late Night Blast 10-29-13

tnt hot dog11:33 PM EST

Ok everyone the thing I didn’t want to tell you on the call this morning is …………….

The lower denoms are now listed and available for you to see in the banks foreign currency catalog that is to be effective 1 Nov 2013.

Please don’t bother the banks. This is why I didn’t tell you this morning.

The RV is on the way………closer than you think…….


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  1. Don October 30, 2013 at 12:14 am #

    I read on where the writer says the HCL & Economic Reform Act has not been voted on by parlement and will not be until December time frame. Also I read where a partial payment has been made to Kuwait. Why is Iraq maing partial payments, shouldn’t they just pay them off completely and get that done. They’re a very close neighbor and it just seems like the prudent thing to do.

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