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[wantingfreedom] Everyone relax . . we are blessed and in a position like none other in history!! WOW!! Our time is this week!!

[mhowell0214] The rates have been out and showing for seven weeks with exchanges going on in many of your cities and you didn’t see it or know it. Any thoughts on what this means?

[cherrepie] remember this is not an event, it is a process.

[slickops] There will be no public RV announcement

[radiant] in, OH REALLY ?so your saying actual exchanges from IQD to USD have occurred. Perhaps at a lower rate than what will be announced publicly?

[shawnieb] Are the traders still open?

[slickops] The traders will not close…only adjust the rate when advised to do so…

[joshua] justme I was not actually at an exchange table, it was a metaphore… however I am waiting for my WF Bank to call most likely tomorrow am then I might be….lxxxxxxx] Stop looking in the obvious places for rates guys. The rates have been out and showing for seven weeks with exchanges going on in many of your cities and you didn’t see it or know it….I will not share the rates… however let’s say double for your trouble

[cashinqueen] so according to the post you are now waiting for your WF banker to call you tomorrow tuesday? ty 🙂

[slickops] Bank has the rates and have cashed out many but giving SKR until rate is officially released by cbi

[GOLDWING1999] Yes some special folks might have cash OUT… But they can’t do anything with the funds until the offical RV….

[GOLDWING1999] trcgroup i say THAT…. It’s iraq currency… Cbi showes the current RATES…

[slickops] GOLDWING1999 you are correct the host nation is official release of international rates thus CBI

[hoosierbigbucks] hybrid33…but should it not be on the CBI? if it is a tradeable currency it most should be. would be like google stock not being listed on the NYSE.. come on folks get real.

[hybrid33] hoosierbigbucks yes, in theory, it should be listed on both the CBI, and on Forex. It sounds like suddenly this is turning into private exchanges, which I have no idea how that would work. Apparently USA and other VIP’s have already been exchanging.

[Kenypth] it will come unanounced……if we knew it was going to happen before hand…….we wouldn’t be buying reserves……..we would find a way to buy it and pay in full just ahead of time…..the ptb will not let anyone know until AFTER the fact…….it will not appear on CBI or FOREX until after it has RV’d. And I believe Tony and Okie will know before we ever see it on the sites I mentioned.


Late Sunday Night


[30MDinar] Read VERY carefully . . . Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away. One of those moments is coming.

[spinnerbait] Hi, Let me toss my reason for our wait out here. It’s been said that the rate went live last week and that holders of currency exchanged at $3.44. The rate was then taken down and accounts were frozen. If I was one of these holders and was told that the rate was incorrect but I had to accept the $3.44 instead of a double digit amount, I WOULD WANT A DO OVER!!! or DEMAND MY DINAR BE RETURNED!!! I believe this is the only issue.

[g8way2k] spinnerbait Not that I know for sure….but I think they would be able to easily make that adjustment.

[kentuckygirl] already blessed… did tony talk to you about the 1210 rate and for us not to worry about that article?

[Already Blessed] kentuckygirl CORRECT

[Gmancometh] So have the 100 countries that have revalued over night been small movers? Have these changes been verified yet in this group of 100? I take it the big movers are coming next to finish it off then?

[normanross] but i dont see how they can push 100 countries through and now stop the rest

[TRISHA] Susan is Poof’s beloved. She and Zap have taken over for Poof since his death a few months ago. I emailed her to ask about the humanitarian projects they intend to fund and she wrote back and sais “the RV is happening now”

[dinarmaven] TRISHA thanks for bringin this…. more confirmation maybe

[TRISHA] She also addressed my question about the humanitarian projects saying they would be contacting people who submitted ideas this coming week.

[TRISHA] jasmine77 They put that out there a quite a while ago I am sure thinking that the RV would have happend by now. so since I submitted three ideas and hadn’t heard back I asked her if that is what she was waiting for and she wrote back the rv is happening now




[sandytob] fantasia All our intel ppl have told us that it would not show up on Forex before it is announced and made official, and then not for a few days, particularly if you don’t have a paid account and even if you do.

[sandytob] blessed2 we are waiting on the banks…not the forex.


[sandytob] fantasia I know….but I just wanted everyone to not be disappointed when they don’t see it on forex.

[sandytob] [lxxxxxx] Guys maybe just maybe the plan is not to see a change in forex, cbi, or the UN… Can you wrap your arms around that I can

[jetpack] anyone looking to forex at as a clue will be disappointed again, it will not show there first IMHO and years of being on this ride and knowledge lol

[KajunRedBull] RV to show all at one time, it was held up, now some say rv for 91 or so countries with rest to follow….who knows anymore!??

[Jamison] heyu288 Dont know how or what timing they plan to do it. We will find out in the future when it happens

[sandytob] Jamison imo, the only way we could all verify is if we had paid forex….not the public forex….that’s what we have been told previously.

[Jamison] sandytob There are several possiblities, until it happens we dont know, and thats how it will be, nobody will know until the minute it happens, we just got to wait and see what happens in the future

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