Tues Night PTR CC 1-10-12


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55 Minutes

(Call notes posted by Rana at PTR Forum)

NK notes

Dan– Want to share some positive info to go to bed on…but about the Dinar Banker thing first, the UST says this is the way they do it… it is our market rate there is no bait and switch…lets not stir up some negative stuff… the decision to make this tiny change was made at the treasury level. Those are things they cannot control… laws changing taking place because we are there. ..there has been a lot of rumor out there… the tomorrow reasons some give are what do not make sense, not that it cant happen tomorrow…when I say we are on a hourly watch is because there is nothing left to do… we know there is so little left that tells us it can happen at any time but not saying it will happen in an hour… we are not saying it will but there is so lil left we can say we know we are there… any hour (but what hour is the question)
we know its about to take place… but we are not saying it will happen in an hour

Tony–in a good mood and some really good info going on… the market rate is explained and how to lock in rate… but first about what Dan was saying…if you think this part was difficult wait until after when you have to find out how to take care of your money…

Dan–quick synopsis there is every probabilty is that tomorrow will be good and there was some real success today that will be benefical for you tomorrow…it is supposed to get really, really good tomorrow

I started talking to banks trying to find our how this will play but I am pretty pumped up for tomorrow

Tony–yes hearing tomorrow is looking really, really good ..ok the market rate was always what the CBI was going to do CBI Rate minus their fees

US market rate.. every country have different rate coming from CBI… They are calling it the US market rate cuz every country is going to have a diff market rate…CBI sets that rate
above bank rate and your gonna like it and we will charge 150 per transaction.. They think it will be above the bank rate … Banks will be charging a spread and fees

They will still be the cheapest place to go unless the banks come up with something different… the banks are trying to come out with something different, doesn’t have package yet.. not sure how many banks are gonna do … we can cash in anywhere we choose…When you go into a bank, the moment you walk in the rate will be fluctuating all day. When banks cash you out, they will be able to reconcile their books that night with that money. When you make your appt. they can lock you in at the rate of the day you make the appt.

Tony– money got moved and things got held up again and again… its like buying a home and trying to get a rate and then this and this happens and it changes til you sign on the dotted line
This process is not different .. this is just life

Tony- heard info today that tomorrow is signing day.. we hope it is… Dan said we heard today that tomorrow is signing day we heard tomorrow is the day there is enough evidence out there

Tony- Dan is really excited or maybe not excited.

Dan – I know there was movement today..positive movement today and if does not happen tomorrrow i wont be worried.. things coming up this month

Dan – I heard there are situations coming this month that the banks will take another dip…dramatic things happening penaltys coming up
Dr. Todd said dramatic things were going to heppen. We know penalties are coming up and it would seem they would try to make this happen before that time
… you would think that it would happen … but we really don’t know when … is being called for possibly the very very near future.. dont say tomorrow. … lol

Tony – What’s being said – well I shouldn’t say… its being said tomorrrow is a good day

Tony – It’s tomorrow … info says it is tomorrow.. alot of stuff and gary too … but Dan is saying it’s being alluded to

Tony – people in other countries and people that should know is saying it’s finally happening
Heard today that everybody is finally happy…They are all agreeable

Dan – I’m comfortable about tomorrow I think you guys deserve to know Tomorrow could be very different

Tony: Everybody should be in a really good mood … how can anyone complain when we are soooo close.

Tony – You’re not hearing what we’re hearing but we’re trying to tell you things are going in the right direction

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