Update From Randy Koonce 8-21-12

8-21-2012 Randy Koonce: Nothing will happen until Talabani comes back. Najafi, Talabani, Maliki and Allawi need to be present to set up the new government. We’re waiting for Talabani to return and for a National Conference. This is event driven, not date driven.

I think once Talabani returns, we’ll have a National Meeting and the RV will happen right after. As far as the rumors about people who have already cashed out, that’s the biggest bunch of garbage I’ve ever heard. Don’t listen to that nonsense.

When Talabani returns they will have to show the Ministers (which must be done publicly) and the power sharing by law must be in place. Once that is done this should be over within 5 days tops. If you think you can guess the timing go for it but you won’t get it right. Sit back relax and wait for the event (National Meeting) to take place. I do think Obama needs this for his election.

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