Vic1 Chat 1-21-12

gracie] Okay this is from CBI article The Cbi’s Saleh said… in Article posted 1/17/2012… Experts : Disruption of exchange…. Saleh said that 4billion paper would be reduced to 1.8 B

vic1 to WCW: 30 trillion Dinar divided by 4b= an average WORTH of each paper DINAR to BE 7500 dinar Value Each! Get it

vic1 to WCW: Then he said he will reduce paper to 1.8 billion…. that means then his EACH [paper ON AVERAGE will = 16,666.66666 Get that?

vic1 to WCW: Okay then Dinar will and can sustain 16,666.666Divided by 1170 = 14.24USD! This is NOT THE RATE!!! This is WHat an AVERAGE worth of DINAR per Paper CAN SUSTAIN!!!

[.TS] vic1 to WCW: So, Now …. The 30 trillion that is at hand … has had Shab’s bring in 75 % to 80% of Large DENOMS! The actual account is +- 70% …. Meaning that if there was Small Denoms or Middle Denoms or large denoms they would be in = Incrimates in 3 categorys.. But it is NOT!

vic1 to WCW: Okay.. Shabs has brought in 70 % of ALL DENOMS!!! Why? because 1st the 10K Dinars were being Counterfeited

[gracie] vic1 to WCW: So, Since He has already had small Denoms printed in 3 languages… He has not put then OUT! So, Small denoms only Had the 25 dinar coin

WCW to vic1: ok more

vic1 to WCW: The MID is 50, 100COIN, 250 and 500… Really No USE for those either…. Since 25,000 Dinar is actually worth only 21 USD!

[gracie] vic1 to rcsugar: Okay …. Now… 25000, 10,000, 5000, 1000, are really the only paper in circulation!


vic1 to rcsugar: 30 trillion less 70% or 75% means HIs Currency will be Worth More for Less currency in play! 7.5 trillion paper will be worth in exchange the rate of 4/1 meaning that 7.5 trillion Dinars will = 30 trillion USD!

vic1 to rcsugar: WHY? Because HE.. not me SHAB’S said that the largest of my SMALL DENOMS will be = to 100.usd!!! That my friends is YOUR RATE!!! IMHO…

vic1 vic1 to rcsugar: Now the Date….
vic1 to rcsugar: NO RV YET.. I never said that!

[marinemomcee] dkyle56 to vic1: Are we still expecting it tomorrow or Monday? vic1 to gwallace: The important thing about the date! The Agreement for our Strategic Frame Agreement… is all of Maliki’s Power must be cut by 50% by FEB.1,2012

[marinemomcee] again anyone with math 30 trillion less 70% or 75% means HIs Currency will be Worth More for Less currency in play! 7.5 trillion paper will be worth in exchange the rate of 4/1 meaning that 7.5 trillion Dinars will = 30 trillion USD!

[marinemomcee] And that rate is lower that we once thought but OKIE did state it was going to be lower but about what his airline ticket was costing

[marinemomcee] vic1 to gwallace: When the small denoms go out WHEN THEY have Value…. the 25Dinar which will be = to the 100.00 USD … will be the Largest of the Small DENOMS! 1/4, 1/2, 1dinar, 5dinar, 10 dinar, 25Dinar!!!

ItoEthatsme: have you heard of “prosperity packages” from the banks? vic1 to gwallace: NO ?other than IQD…

[marinemomcee] vic1 to gwallace: So, can IRAQ sustain RV YES! NO one will allow there country or money to be RUINED! No .86 or 1to1! 4.00 t0 4.24!!! USD

[marinemomcee] OKIE was saying 4.40 since last summer

[marinemomcee] vic1 to gwallace: Date…. We look to this important meeting of Banking in Jordan…. Shabs is Talking and EVERYONE will BE LISTENING!!! World bank HQ. is in Iraq!

[marinemomcee] now that mtg in Jordan ….Shabibi and IMF Chrisine Lagarde will be there

[marinemomcee] vic1 to kouma1935: Shabs is the Man with the plan… However Maliki is The PM of IRAQ! The Announcement MUST be FROM the IRAQ Government! Then BIS, The IMF. Then UST and All the rest! BUT… MALIKI must give FINAL GO Signal!

[marinemomcee] vic1 to kouma1935: Yes, the banking meeting is from 22 to 25 in Amman, Jordan!

[marinemomcee] YES it starts tomorrow, Chinese New Years starts Monday and Obama has a State of the Union address Tuesday

[marinemomcee] vic1 to LSUTIGER: The day that Dinar has risen in Value is more on a friday.. than other days! The answer for me is ANY DAY IS A GOOD DAY FOR AN RV…. Of any Countries currency

[suddenly] 1 to 4 is what Vic’s article was saying, and that the lowest demon, (which is printed but not out yet), will be worth $100USD. WE was 25IQD = $100usd and 25kiqd then = 100,000usd and a group of 250,000IQD = 1mil usd

[marinemomcee] Vic1 could you answer this question for a member please?
marinemomcee: Vic1 us the rate in USD or off the GBP?

[marinemomcee] vic1 to rcsugar: The RATE will be USD! OIL is IN PetroDOLLARS! 95% of Iraq income is OIL money! so…. USD! All the way to the bank!

[marinemomcee] ..CAP1 VIC just said reate is based off USD off oil….at like $4

[marinemomcee] vic1 to bboy: OOM Family … Look I’m Very hard Headed! I’m an IRAN Born Armenian…. Who is an AMERICAN! I’ve BEEN a self made Millionaire by 27!

That is not what i’m proud of… I’m proud that i’m no longer a Millionaire with MY way of doing things! I’m GONNA BE A Millionaire BOOK KEEPER FOR MY FATHER!

I”M A GATEKEEPER and PROUD TO BE! Let me be POOR as a Church mouse… But allow me in church please! Even if my cloths are torn and i’m dirty and hungry…. Let me PRAY with YOU and For YOU!!! MY FATHER IS GREAT, ALWAYS!!!

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