Vic1 Chat at OOM 1-21-12

vic1 to mskish: OOM Family, We have read articles today that the DeLa RUE machines that CBI ordered can not only print money… They can make I.D.’s , Passports, Driver licenses, However i believe they will Also make VOTING BALLADS , inclusive with the SMART Card Technology!!! Wow, Shab’s! READY To RUMBLE!!! Oh, IRAQ has to pump 4 Million barrels aday as President of OPEC!!! On the 25 of this month their Floating barges to Load Crude goes into effect! So, February 1… begins 900,000 barrels aday from just ONE! They have 5 of these coming online! So, 4 plus 3.6 =7 Million aday by next few months!!! IF… that doesn’t SPELL RV… to you, then …. SEE YA!

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