Vic1tgk Unloads 9-10-12

[~SpiritualWarrior] Awesome777 Much of what has and is happening “behind the scenes” was intended – for our safety and welfare – to be confidential. As often happens, information leaks out and those carrying such into “our community” can’t distinguish between that which can harm us from that which is harmless. In our pursuit for “intel,” I believe we have become our own worst enemies. There are names and events that have surfaced in print that were NEVER intended to be known… even when all is said and done. We’re tired, frustrated and demand to know what’s going on. I believe a handful of individuals, in their selfish pursuit of personal fame, have severlely and adversely influenced the intended outcome. Yet another thought to ponder…

[Awesome777] ~SpiritualWarrior true, you got me for a second, cause I thought for a moment you were referring to my post and what I had said

[~SpiritualWarrior] Awesome777 Indirectly, I did… everyone that comes in here is looking for the latest “intel.” Some sites share stuff that shouldn’t get out. Others, lacking anything, will fabricate… lending iteself to confusion on top of frustration.

[vic1tgk] ~SpiritualWarrior very well said!!!

[vic1tgk] The circumference is obviously EXPANDED!!!

[.gypsymama] vic1tgk (((((((((((((((((((((TACKLE HUGS )))))))))))))))))))

[vic1tgk] .gypsymama Thank you… The CC tonight will be at a HIGH VOLTAGE…LEVEL! No PUN… All that Think Al-Heshemi…will be brought to the gallows… FORGET ABOUT IT!!!

[vic1tgk] He has Clout and is V/P…of IRAQ!!! MUCH HIGHER Stand than MALIKI!!!

[vic1tgk] Also, He Will and can be PARDONED! IF NEED BE… The IMUNITY LAW is AVAIL, However… since Maliki is not seated his GOI…Properly… HE is More in TROUBLE…remember…he said on TV that he had files for 3 years! SHAME…SHAME… Guilty by association? Get this… The LID is to blown OFF here in the NEXT few days!!! IRAQ… has to Declare… IRANIAN NUCLEAR WASTE…hidden in IRAQ!!!

[.~dinarmama7] vic1tgk Sweet tea?

[vic1tgk] .~dinarmama7 can I have that ToGO…

[~SpiritualWarrior] vic1tgk lol

[vic1tgk] ~SpiritualWarrior LISTEN to CALL… That is all i can say!!! GREAT NEWS!!!

[.~dinarmama7] vic1tgk Here you go. Just keep the glass. We have a CE coming, will buy a new one.

[vic1tgk] .~dinarmama7 Thanx… CRYSTAL UPON RETURN!!!

[vic1tgk] .~dinarmama7 ~SpiritualWarrior .gypsymama THE MODS…IN THIS HOUSE, ROCK!!! LOVE and RESPECT to ALL!!!

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