What Happened To The Old Freeway Bill? 9-3-12

GOD promised us that he would never give us any more than we could handle … right? We KNOW that GOD watches us 24/7, right? We all BELIEVE that this BLESSING is, indeed a GOD thing, right?

The reason I bring this up is in the past 6 months, I have seen so many things happen with this BLESSING that has made it even tougher on so many that really need this to happen. I pray for those people every night.

I miss the wonderful times we have had over the years in chat where we celebrated the BLESSING to come and realized that it was going to take longer then some people were telling us it would. I miss all of the wonderful evenings where we would chat back and forth and distract ourselves from the big “wait” that we were all under.

I got a message from an old friend asking me what happened to the old Freeway Bill and it touched me. I believe that this message was a great one because I had completely stopped posting because it was getting so horrible on the sites of people trying to “one up” the poster before. I have watched posters that bring no joy go from site to site spreading everything BUT cheer and it bothered me so much that I just left.

I have watched many great people leave and stop posting because of the lack of respect they were getting for bringing on as much intel as they felt comfortable giving. I have watched as false prophets have taken the faith that many people had in them and led them on of “news” that just was not true.

I WILL SAY THIS FOR ALL REAL INTEL GIVERS that have worked so hard to bring all of you the intel. ALL OF US HAVE BEEN LIED TO BY SOURCES MANY TIMES>>>>>> BUT>>>>>> we have heard the real truth just as many times. YES, this was suppose to happen JUNE 30, 2011 and was stopped! YES, it was on the back screens and never made it to the front at least half dozen times that I know of for sure. YES, IRAQ is out of the decision making process of this RV.

So many things have had to be taken care of before this RV could happen and us be assured that our money would be safe. Nothing more, nothing less. Well many things have happened and we are going to see this RV>>>>FOR SURE>>>>>ABSOLUTELY! WHEN?

Could be this week, could take another month. According to many phone calls I got today, we are in great shape, but that DOES NOT mean we will wake up to it on Monday morning>>>>> but we might! And that is the truth!

Over the past two years, I have found several intel providers to be wonderful, hard working, loving people who are trying to help you get through this. I have also, unfortunately met and gotten to know some people that I thought fell into this category only to find out that I was duped just like you were.

What I am trying to say is this….. I can assure you that I have never given out false information intentionally and neither has Soonerfan62, Dash Riprock, Debtarheel, Lojak, Papa Jack, Studley, Texred, and many others. WE ALL HAVE HAD false information fed to us by supposedly RELIABLE sources. Some have lied or more often, they were telling us what they believed to be true and something happened that changed everything.

The information that is available right now and what is happening right now is very good. This I KNOW>>>> but putting it on the sites would be irresponsible and harmful. Please believe me when I tell you that tonight, when you lay your head down, please THANK GOD for all of the joys life has given you and hug your neighbors and LOVE YOUR KIDS, GRANDKIDS and FRIENDS!

GIVE A SMILE and you will get one back! The BLESSING WILL COME!! That, I can tell you with full confidence and from my heart, I know this to be true. BUT, nobody can tell you exactly when because there is a laundry list that is pretty well done of things that HAD TO BE DONE for our money to be safe….

GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU and I promise that I will only give you what I can and I will always have your best interest in my heart and soul….


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