Wife In The Know Update 3-7-13

Hello Everybody-

Keep your spirits flying high friends, here is a quick overview on the Budget situation.

The Budget voting keeps getting postponed because They (GOI through the direction of the UN) are going to time or stage the event to coincide with the release of their new currency and its “new” rate of $3.42. This will happen any day now, they know they can not keep kicking the can down the road for very much longer. Trust me, the budget voting is nothing more then a formality at this point. As I have said before, the terms in the Budget, HCL, Erbil and Chapter 7 type of issues are agreed upon and none factors anymore. The agreements will all come out publicly afterwards. Given the fact that they keep saying the budget vote will be delayed again for another day or so for whatever reason they give, is a great sign that they are very close to finally doing this.

My husband tells me that huge efforts are underway to help resolve the water and energy crisis that face the citizens of Iraq as we speak. Sadly, Over a quarter of the population in Iraq live in poverty, George W. Bush freely gave over 20 billion dollars to help stabilize economic independence, that money is to be used to help pay contractors for the rebuilding of these services.

Things are about to change in a very big way in the Middle East.

Stay positive and smile : ) often.

Wife in the Know

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